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Report Card: Grading out UVA’s big 48-14 win over Duke

uva footballBryce Perkins: B

What? You crazy? B? For a quarterback who won 48-14?

Yes. B might be generous, actually.

Not just because of the stats: 13-for-26, one INT, should have had another pass intercepted in minus territory in the first quarter, thank god he didn’t, considering.

Perkins seems to have regressed in his second year as a starter. He’s too eager to take the ball down and run after his first read on pass plays, maybe because he’s gun-shy after being sacked 13 times the past two weeks, but he actually had time on Saturday.

I’m going to talk myself into a C+ if I keep this up.

He gets a B because he’s tough as a two-dollar steak: 22 runs for 62 yards.

Still too much Hey, Bryce, do something to this offense.

Skill Guys on Offense: B+

Wayne Taulapapa had a career day: 77 yards on 14 runs, two TDs.

There wasn’t much for the wideouts, see above about the QB pulling down the ball and running, but Joe Reed had five catches on 10 targets, and Hasise Dubois had four on nine.

They can’t help that they’re not getting open in 1.8 seconds.

Offensive line: A!

Maybe a little generous, but I’m trying to be encouraging here.

And, maybe they deserve an A.

The O-line largely kept Perkins upright – allowing two sacks.

The run game generated 154 yards, which feels like a million, considering the past couple of weeks.

Today was a big step in the right direction.

Defensive front: A

Duke ran for 132 yards, but 54 of those were nonsense yards in the fourth quarter in garbage time, and 17 came from the punter, on a muffed snap and a fake.

Duke was pretty good running the ball coming in, and got nothing and had to like it.

Plus, the front was in Quentin Harris’ grill all day long, forcing early throws, turnovers, generally creating havoc.

Defensive secondary: A

No Bryce Hall, no problem, surprisingly.

Harris threw 26 passes, and Duke gained 88 yards on those passes.

Fifty-nine of those came on two passes. It was 27-0 UVA before the first, and 48-7 UVA before the second.

They had nothing, and had to like it.

Story of the day for the Duke offense.

Special teams: A

Joe Reed had a 95-yard kickoff return TD. Brian Delaney was 2-of-2 on field-goal tries.

Punter Griffin Nash averaged 37.7 yards per punt on three punts, one downed inside the 20.

Special teams allowed two fourth-down conversions by the dumb punter.

Still, A.

Grades by Chris Graham

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