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Realistic Riding T-Rex dinosaur costume for adult

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Are you looking for something cool to draw more attraction of your audiences? Well, the realistic dinosaur costume could be the best selection.

Realistic riding t-rex dinosaur costume is one of the best body dinosaur costumes that people like to wear in special events. It provides the rider full appearance of riding on dinosaur. The performer’s legs also seem to be real as they are covered standing on a stilt.

You can manage the movements` of eyes and mouth with two cables. With the left cable, you can open its eyes and with the right cable, you can open the mouth of dinosaur. When the mouth opens, it starts to roar automatically and create a dinosaur voice. So, you can enjoy the real feeling as riding on the dinosaur and amaze the people with your best performance in any event.  You just need to pull the cable of mouth and eyes and drive T-Rex comes to alive on the scene.

Other movements are along with mouth opens and close, eyes blink, head moves, Walk Around and ROOOAR in this costume.

A professional and expert performer can make the Riding T-Rex lifelike moves and nobody can judge his moments either is walking or sitting on it. Usually, they’re extensively utilized in an educational context at numerous museums and theme parks. The kids like it very much during their trip to park and museum and feel real dinosaur walking around them.

This suite is forgiving in its ability to help you move round freely. You should not worry about the or knocking things or bumping your head over it. You also have the freedom to keep food and drinks wearing that costume without any hurdle. Your head is out in the open side to see and feel the cooler and breathing without any problem.

The creation of this costume is from 10% natural latex, so it is eco-friendly and non-poisonous. It is very soft and you can wear it easily and you can easily see and breathe through its masks. This is strange option in case you attend different events even masquerade events all around the year.


  • A low-cost costume with ultra-innovative qualities.
  • Works with any personal dress.
  • Easy to breathe and see through.
  • Easy to transport anywhere due to small size.
  • Works for making it a welcome, long time events.

This is a brilliant choice for Halloween; however, it also works for any birthday party anytime around year. Due to light weight, you will not feel any anxiety or tiredness.

Wear Realistic riding t-rex dinosaur costume for every type of plays, activities, events, parties, and Halloween. This adult men’s Halloween suite consists of an action-packed full-body inflatable outfit with extra features which only will be felt with you will wear it and perform it on any event of play.


There are many models available in the market with different features, designs and size, but Realistic riding t-rex dinosaur costume is the best costume in my experience and it provide you real feeling and comfortable to wear and perform.  

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