Picking the right high: What are the best cannabis strains for vaping?

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With your experience as a seasoned smoker, you might think picking a weed THC vape pen is supposed to be a walk in the park. But you’ll be surprised.

Without the right guide or foreknowledge, you might end up spending a hundred bucks on a vape pen you don’t like.

What is that supposed to mean? Someone might ask.

Well, vaping is different from smoking in that you actually feel the taste of what you’re consuming on your tongue. Meaning that if you don’t select your strain carefully, you might end up with a strain or flavor that doesn’t sit well with you.

Luckily, in this guide, we’ve got some help for you. We’ve highlighted the best cannabis strains for vaping. Our belief is that these strains are good enough for anyone’s vaping experience.

What are the best cannabis strains for vaping?

1. Blue Dream

No weed shop or site is ever complete without a mention of blue dream. This strain is arguably one of the most popular cannabis strains we have right now.

Blue dream is easily the strain of choice for many first-time weed vape users thanks to its sweet-tasting and blueberry-like flavor.

It’s no surprise then that people turn to blue dream when they need to vape weed for common health conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, anti-inflammatory, muscle spasms, and cramps.

If you check weed-based websites like weedsly.com right now, I can bet the first names you’ll find on their homepage will be blue dream.

2. Sour Diesel

Sour diesel needs no further introduction. It’s that weed strain you were told smells like diesel. But, in addition, it could come off with some citrusy aroma, too.

What really sets this strain apart is its fast-acting effects. In fact, several users have attested to this. And some even state that when vaped, the effects are a lot faster.

Despite being a hybrid strain, Sour Diesel is more or less a Sativa dominant compound, which means it exerts some highly energizing effects on users. In other words, it lifts users’ mood almost instantly.

If you’re in need of an instant mood lift, then you obviously cannot look past sour diesel.

3. Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Vaping is all about the aroma and taste, right?

Well, GDP has just the smell and taste you’ll love.

Can you remember what grapes smell like? Yes, that’s exactly what a GDP vape pen smells like, too. As one user rightly puts it, “GDP always fills your nostrils with a sweet, grape-like, berry aroma.”

So, if you want something imaginative, I’d say you should picture yourself inhaling squashed grape juice. Only this time, it’s no grape but rather kush.

Like the rest on our list, GDP has some medicinal effects, too. For example, it can be used in combating bodily pains, sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, and loss of appetite.

4. Afghan Kush

Any cannabis strain that produces a relaxing and/or sedating effect is always an excellent vape choice. This is because its effects are mind-related, and the fastest way to get anything into the brain is by inhalation.

Afghan Kush is one such strain.

It is known to have a relaxing and sedating effect on users. Unfortunately, this sedating effect is the main reason people run from using it during the day, as it could completely make your mind numb.

But when taken at night, OH MY…. It calms your nerves and makes all your worries go away. Little wonder then why it’s the first choice of recommendation for insomnia patients.

5. Pink Bubba

Pink Bubba is vape-friendly because of its sweet-flavored taste and pine-like aroma. Users enjoy the fact it helps them relax during the day while also stimulating their appetite.

This strain is known to produce its best effects when vaped because then it can kick into action pretty quickly. But it can be consumed in other ways, too – smoking or as edibles.

As a medical aid, Pink bubba can be used in the treatment of conditions like insomnia, stress, body pain, and muscle spasms.

Finally, Pink Bubba is best used in the afternoon because of its extremely relaxing effect.

Story by Robert Queen

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