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Package shipping from the USA to Europe: Top 4 tips

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Package shipping from the USA to European countries is a great way to share and connect with those living overseas. But many of us avoid it as shipping overseas seems like a complex and overwhelming process.

But it’s much easier when you know the basics of how to get started. Here we’ve gathered the top 4 tips for international package shipping from the USA to Europe and beyond.

Let’s have a look at it.

Tip #1 Use professional shipping services

The carrier you choose is an essential factor for a successful package delivery overseas. There are many companies offering international shipping, so it can be tough to choose the best one and avoid scammers. Check companies’ history, read reviews online from other clients, and have a chat with customer support. This way you’ll get an image of the service quality right away.

A professional shipping company will not only take care of a smooth package delivery from point A to point B. They will also inform you of customs, restricted items, and other shipping regulations on international package shipping. Doesn’t matter if you’re sending packages to Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, or shipping from the US to Romania. Each European country has its own rules on cross-border parcels that you must follow. And a professional courier should be there to guide you.

Tip #2 Take care of proper packaging

When it comes to shipping from the States to European countries, meticulous packing is a must. Sending a package on such a long journey means it will go through many hands until it reaches the destination point. So, it needs to be packaged carefully using sturdy packaging materials.

Package your goods into a strong and optimally sized cardboard box. It has to be neat, function well, and have no misleading information on the surface. Also, use plenty of internal packaging to protect your goods from crashing. Especially if the items inside are fragile. Finally, seal all edges with wide packaging tape and add a label with shipping information.

Tip #3 Get international package insurance

If you choose a reliable shipping company and have your packages packed carefully, the risk of package loss or damage is minor. But it still exists. Even the best ones sometimes fail in delivering packages successfully, and package insurance can prevent you from worrying. Many shipping companies provide customers with free shipping insurance for parcels. It usually covers up to $100 worth of goods. If you’re the one who needs total peace of mind when shipping overseas and doesn’t want to pay extra for it, make sure your shipping company offers free package protection.

Tip #4 Compare shipping rates

It’s easy to find affordable international package shipping services if you take some time to compare shipping rates from different shippers. There are many price comparison sites online with rates from major shipping companies. But if you want to look more closely and include smaller shipping companies, compare shipping rates manually. This way you’ll find the most affordable shipping services fitting your needs.

The bottom line

These are just a few main tips to get started with shipping from the USA to Europe, but it should get you off on the right foot. The most important thing is to make the right decision when choosing a shipping company. If you have someone to turn to when sending packages internationally, it’ll definitely be smooth and worry-free.

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