Northam for Governor to air new ad: ‘Folders’

The Northam for Governor campaign is airing a new ad, “Folders,” highlighting Ed Gillespie’s long record of lobbying for corporate interests at the expense of working Virginians.

For years, “Enron Ed” lobbied and fought for predatory student loan lenders, Wall Street banks, and corporations shipping jobs overseas. Now, Gillespie is running to be Donald Trump’s top lobbyist in Richmond — and has embraced the President’s cruel plan to take health care away from thousands of Virginians.



NARRATOR: Enron Ed Gillespie made millions selling out to the highest bidder — and not just Enron.

Ed Gillespie fought to give billions to Wall Street banks.

He lobbied for corporations sending jobs overseas.

He even lobbied to keep student loan rates high.

Now Ed Gillespie is fighting for Donald Trump’s plan to take healthcare from thousands of Virginians.

Enron Ed Gillespie. He’s selling you out.

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