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Off the Top Rope: Laying out the plan for the Sting WWE debut


stingHard to believe, isn’t it, that Sting has never wrestled in WWE? Sting was the one who got away when Vince McMahon bought wcw and claimed victory in the Monday Night Wars. After a brief retirement from pro wrestling, Sting returned to become the Icon of TNA, and he’s been toiling away in the second-tier company since 2003.

It’s becoming more apparent every day that Sting will finally be making his WWE debut this spring, which means Vinnie Mac finally gets to book Sting for a WrestleMania. With WrestleMania season on the horizon, it’s also becoming more apparent about what WWE creative absolutely has to do with Sting.

In a word: Undertaker.

Here’s the walkup: ‘Taker comes to the ring on an upcoming Monday Night Raw to tell the WWE Universe that he plans to retire, but is interrupted by a power outage. A spotlight finds a shadowy figure in the rafters. The figure pulls a baseball bat from his leather jacket and points it toward the ring. Fade to end of Raw.

The hair is standing on the back of my neck right now just thinking about it.

Over the following weeks, the shadowy figure makes sporadic appearances from the rafters, until we get to the inevitable in-ring confrontation. Undertaker calls out the man from the rafters, and Sting materializes from the darkness, setting up the payoff at WrestleMania 30.

The Tombstone vs. The Scorpion Deathlock. It wouldn’t be Undertaker-CM Punk from WM 29, but it would be several levels above Undertaker-Triple H from 28.

Who wins? On one level, who cares? This is the only dream match left. (Unless you look forward to a Goldberg squash of Ryback.

Bottom line, Undertaker doesn’t lose to Sting. When The Streak finally does end, it ends at the hands of a young star who gets to carry that ball for a decade or so to make money for WWE.

Sting is clearly a one-and-done ‘Mania guy. He comes to WWE to wrestle Undertaker and get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

But … what a match we get at WrestleMania.

Come on, creative. Don’t let us down.

Column by Chris Graham



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