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WWE Survivor Series Review: Sting returns, Dolph Ziggler big push, more

Sting finally made his WWE debut at Survivor Series Sunday night, and it wasn’t a one-off interview or nonsense backstage vignette.

Jim Ross returns to wrestling: Calling Global Force Wrestling pay-per-view

Legendary WWE and WCW play-by-play announcer Jim Ross is returning to pro wrestling. Global Force Wrestling announced today that Ross will provide play-by-play for the Wrestle Kingdom 9 pay-per-view that will air live on Jan. 4, 2015.

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin planning a comeback for WrestleMania 31?

It’s funny how the Internet works. Stone Cold Steve Austin gives us a throwaway line in his podcast about training for a comeback, and the wrestling world turns upside down.

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Pro wrestling business model shows flaws

Wrestling, like a cockroach in an abandoned building, has proven itself hearty enough to survive anything, but whether sports entertainment as we know it now can survive in its present form is very much at question. I’d recommend enjoying what we have while we still have it, because change is coming, and the changes that I see coming aren’t good.

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The last thing we need is another nWo reunion

When you’re nWo, you’re nWo for life. Sure, we get it. Time to move on was 15 years ago, but it looks like we’re going to get yet another reunion at this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw, which ostensibly is the go-home show to SummerSlam, but is going to be as much Hulk Hogan birthday bash as what it should be.

Sting to WWE Universe: Foot in the door, let’s see what happens

Sting and Vince McMahon had several talks over the years about bringing the wrestling superstar to WWE. The conversations went well, but never ended with McMahon able to get Sting to sign on the bottom line.

Sting: I want Undertaker

Sting is finally talking publicly about his plans regarding WWE, and first on his agenda: a match with Undertaker.

Video: Five WCW matches that really happened

Five WCW matches that really happened: a pinata on a pole match, the Chamber of Horrors, a match on a rolling 18-wheeler, another featuring monster trucks. Any wonder why that wrestling company went under?

Somebody cue up Wade Barrett: More bad news for WWE

WWE needs to heed the old adage about dancing with the one that brung you. It’s a wrestling company, not a movie company, not an entertainment conglomerate.

Sting, WWE: Not on the same page?

The latest on Sting and WWE: fugheddaboudit. The word that the WCW legend had already signed a deal with WWE was, of course, incorrect.

Who’s next? WWE looking to sign Goldberg for WrestleMania 31

Bill Goldberg indicated earlier this week that he would be interested in returning to the ring for WrestleMania 31. It now appears that the interest is mutual.

Quick Internet feud between Kevin Nash, Roddy Piper already over?

Roddy Piper talked on his podcast this week about a locker room incident with Kevin Nash when both were in WCW that he remembered ending with him single-legging Nash and throwing him out of the room.

Medical examiner releases cause of death for Ultimate Warrior

Ultimate Warrior died on April 8 of heart disease and natural causes, according to the Maricopa County (Ariz.) medical examiner, who released an autopsy report on Monday.

Here we go again? Yet another report has Sting signing with WWE

For the zillionth time, we have a report that Sting has signed a deal with WWE, this time from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior dead at 54

Wrestling legend Ultimate Warrior collapsed outside an Arizona hotel at 5:50 p.m. Pacific Tuesday, and later died at a nearby hospital. No cause of death has been released. Warrior, who changed his name legally from his birth name, James Hellwig, was 54.

DDP: CM Punk will be at WrestleMania 30

Diamond Dallas Page isn’t claiming any inside information, just his gut instinct, in saying that he thinks CM Punk will make a surprise appearance at WrestleMania 30 on Sunday.

Report: Sting to get his last match with Undertaker at WrestleMania?

A report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter today has people in WWE circles talking about the company finally signing Sting and giving him a last ride with Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Tony Schiavone at WWE HQ: Is he gearing up for a return?

Long-time WCW play-by-play man Tony Schiavone, a native of Augusta County and graduate of Buffalo Gap High School and James Madison University, was at WWE headquarters this week, fueling speculation that he may be in line for a return to TV.

John Cena: Would a heel turn work for him like it did for Hulk Hogan?

John Cena as a heel. It will happen one day, or it won’t. It would be good for business, or it would kill a cash cow. There are as many views on this as there are wrestling fans to debate it. My view is it will never happen. Cena as the top face in WWE […]

Video: Five things you could learn about WCW on WWE Network

  wcw takes the spotlight on this edition of Five Things. With all the classic wcw events available on WWE Network, Five Things suggests a few areas to explore. Let us know what you discover on WWE Network by tweeting us @WWENetwork.

WWE.com column highlights Sting: Is signing imminent?

Legendary wrestling writer Bill Apter wrote a column published on WWE.com this week looking at Sting, “The Face of WCW.” The publication of the column on the WWE website is again fueling speculation that the company is close to signing Sting. With the debut of the WWE Network looming next week, news involving Sting could […]

WWE unveils lineup for WWE Network

You will definitely want to sign up for WWE Network. In addition to the monthly pay-per-views, fans will get access to “Raw” and “SmackDown” pre- and postgame shows, NXT, WWE Superstars and classics libraries that include footage from the WWE library that includes WCW, AWA, ecw and WWE archival videos. More on the offerings is […]

Say it ain’t so! Vince Russo returning to TNA?

The rumors are floating around that Vince Russo, whose career as a booker and writer has cut a path through WWE, wcw and most recently TNA, might be on the way back to some role in TNA. According to a report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Russo has been cc’d on some TNA creative emails. […]

The latest on Sting: Is he close to signing?

The latest news on Sting is a lot more of what we had before: not much. According to F4WOnline.com, Sting is ready to sign with WWE, but the front office doesn’t see the signing of the former TNA and wcw star as a high priority. There is a push in the office to use Sting […]

WWE Video: 30 Second Fury-Scissor Kicks from Booker T

  Kicking off Black History Month 30 Second Fury features the 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time wcw World Heavyweight Champion Booker T. His scissors kick was called many names but the effect was always the same.

The latest on Sting: On his way to WWE?

PWInsider is reporting that Sting is in negotiations with WWE. Rob Feinstein at RF Video is saying on Facebook that Sting has already signed a deal. One thing does seem clear: that Sting’s TNA run has come to an end. What he may or may not do with WWE is still at question. Sting famously […]