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Sting to WWE Universe: Foot in the door, let’s see what happens


stingSting and Vince McMahon had several talks over the years about bringing the wrestling superstar to WWE. The conversations went well, but never ended with McMahon able to get Sting to sign on the bottom line.

McMahon ended each conversation the same way.

“He’d say, Some day, I know we’ll do business. He’d always end off saying that. He was right. We’re doing something here,” said Sting, after making a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday to help promote the release to market of a new Sting WWE action figure.

This, on the heels of Sting’s appearance in a commercial and promotional video for the new WWE 2K15 video game last week, has fans excited about what else may be to come for Sting and a possible return to the ring.

In a video posted to the WWE.com website, Sting conceded that “it’s kind of like now or never” as far as a possible WWE in-ring debut is concerned.

“At my age, the wave is coming into shore. So I’d say it’s about time that something happens, if we can make it happen.”

The idea that Sting and WWE would ever come to any terms is controversial to some long-time Sting fans, who built up a legend around Sting’s decisions over the years to stay away from the promotion after it absorbed WCW in 2001 that he had vowed never to sign with McMahon.

“Have I thought about making the leap to WWE over the years? Yeah,” Sting told WWE.com. “I’ve come close a couple of times here and there. Had really good conversations with Vince over the years. That’s why I laugh when people say, Sting will never go up there, he says he’ll never go. When did I ever say, I’ll never go to WWE? Who wouldn’t want to face John Cena, Randy Orton, The Rock? I mean, come on. I have a lot of fans that would like to see me versus Triple H.”

For now, it’s a video, it’s Comic Con, but it could be more.

“It feels good to get my foot in the door, that’s for sure,” Sting said. “And even though it’s an action figure, we’ve got a T-shirt going here, the video game, that’s a good start. And I’m more than willing to just see what happens.”



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