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Top ten forex exchanging brokers who are very famous all over the world in various aspects related to trading


forex brokersTrading is very common thing which is not only highly profitable but also very much fun-filled and also exciting in many ways. There are many people who generally love trading in various aspects and also using different types of trading techniques and strategies. It is very much commonly known fact to everyone that, forex trading is the best thing that people use in present generation. People do show very much interest in this trading technique and so it is also made available in online too. So as it is made online, many number of users actually registered on to it and people are completely enjoying all the benefits in many ways. So in this trading there will also be many beginners in this field and so people actually will not be completely aware of what is actually happening in this trading market. So regulated broker actually helps such people in all aspects when it comes to trading and all other techniques and strategies which are required to be used in order to be successful.

There are many forex brokers in present generation who help in many ways when it comes to trading. Here are top ten forex regulated broker who are actually listed as top and highly recommendable. Timing is also very important and some people actually sell and also buy currencies on regular basis as per their own interest and wish. Here in this forex trading market, analysts and also the traders here are very constantly innovating and also improving while using these strategies. And this method of using these strategies and techniques actually bring new analytical methods in present market and these will be used for having a good idea and also easily understanding the market movements which are related to currency. These are selected based on financial stability, execution quality and also trading platforms. So they choose these factors as per their choice and also many other preferences. So the top ten forex trading brokers are:-

  1. OANDA:- this forex trading broker is Canadian based. And this company generally offers competitive spreads. The competitive spreads which are given by this company will be as low as 1.2 pips in EUR/USD and also it might differ in many ways and aspects. This forex trading platform was launched in 2001. And this OANDA offers Meta Trader 4 for all its users for easy access.
  2. Interactive brokers:- direct access to the interbank forex quotes is offered by this interactive banks and this is its speciality when compared to all other companies and many other. This interactive broker is Greenwich, Conn based and it is operated using an electronic communication network 9ECN) market structure.
  3. City index:- this is established in 1983 in united kingdom. This company offers all its users and also many other people with forex trading, CFD’s and also spread betting. Not only all these but Meta Trader 4 is also made available as the best platform for everyone who use this forex broker. Tools and also many other extra features are also added in this companies software.
  4. com:- this is owned by parent company which has been operating since 2001. It was first mover which brought currency markets to the retail trader when compared to all other forex trading markets and many others related to trading.
  5. FXCM:- no dealing desk model is made available here and it is the best and unique quality of this company or forex exchange broker when compared to all other. And also many other competitive spreads are made available here by this forex broker and so it is very much easy for people to trade with on regular basis. Trading is offered in various forms by this firm. And also many varieties are used here and currencies which are included here along with Chinese Yuan.
  6. FxPro:- this is a London based firm and was established in 2006. It is a forex online broker which is offering forex trading for all its customers or user. Not only forex trading but also CFD’s are made available by it. There are many platforms which are included in this firm and some of them are:- Meta Trader 4 and also cTrader.
  7. IG Markets:- this firm was founded in 1974. It is a highly and also very rapidly spreading business under the name of IG Index. Trading will be made available in pairs here in this firm. EUR/USD, AUD/USD, USD/JPY are included in this firm and all of them are available with spreads as low as 0.8 pips.
  8. CMS Forex:- trading is made available directly here using this firm. Direct trading is one using the chart and also it provide many other technical indicators too based on the requirements of people as per their own interest. It is proprietary VT Trader platform which was offered by CMS Forex.
  9. Active Trades:- this firm is established in 2001. Here in this firm, forex trading is made available in mini and also micro lots for all its customers in regular basis. Not only lots but also it provides them with diverse product offering and many other competitive spreads too.
  10. HY Markets:- this firm has an experience in this business of 30 years. And it provides all the people with multiple trading platforms and also many other wide variety of trading instruments. This firm is a division or a part of Henyep Group. This Henyep Group is a global conglomerate which has capability or authority in almost more than 20 countries.

The above mentioned are top ten trading forex exchange brokers and not only these but there are many others also who are expertise in this field. There are many people who actually take help of these firms in various aspects and so people can successfully achieve their goals and also be successful in this field. So people are highly recommendable to use these forex brokers.



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