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TNA tries to land CM Punk: What do you think the Best in the World had to say?


cmpunkTNA reportedly reached out to CM Punk to make an offer that would essentially have hitched the wagon of wrestling’s #2 company to the enigmatic Best in the World. What do you think Punk had to say in response?

Yep. His best impression of crickets chirping.

It went so well that TNA is now saying that no offer or effort to reach out was made, which makes no sense to say if true, because why confirm what the dirt sheets have to say, and if not, well, that’s what you’re supposed to say.

TNA would obviously have interest in Punk, who is the Best in the World, in addition to having been given that nickname by WWE creative. Mic skills, in-ring skills, the look, the charisma, the pipe bombs: but as obvious as it is that Punk is the Best in the World, it’s just as obvious that he’s not for TNA.

No offense to TNA, but creative there would only diminish Punk’s status over time in putting him into silly storylines that would elevate its homegrown talents in his presence, because you know he wouldn’t be there forever.

For Punk, it wouldn’t be about money, it would be about thumbing his nose at New York, but at the same time, he’d be taking bumps in a ring for a company that can’t draw 500 people to a high-school gym in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t get live wrestling once a year.

The move to TNA would make no sense for Punk unless he were to get a deal akin to the one that Brock Lesnar has with WWE, to basically work whenever he wants, which wouldn’t be much. And if he’s going to hold out for that kind of deal, might as well get it from WWE, where the money is a lot better, and you don’t have to worry about the checks bouncing.

– Column by Chris Graham



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