newstian boothe on writing e r emotional release by melodic storytelling

Tian Boothe on writing ‘E.R. Emotional Release’ by melodic storytelling

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Melodic storytelling requires an inspired narrative, deeply connecting music and powerful direction. In combination, these elements help the filmmaker reach out to their audience. In E.R. Emotional Release, Tian Boothe has written richly orchestrated songs to form a power ballad based on a personal experience, ensuring the young, award-winning director continues to inspire audiences with her spellbinding productions.

Real-life Inspiration

In her narrative music album, E.R. Emotional Release, Boothe centers her story around a woman who grew up with a limited emotional range. The woman eventually connects with the first person who reaches out and the experience touches her deeply.

Inspired by a personal experience, her melodic storytelling speaks about the heartfelt feeling of deep love. It also accentuates the confusion all these emotions cause in the mind of a person who is both a deep thinker and a sensitive soul. Releasing the emotions of a painful love requires a cleansing.

Being a daydreamer, Tian Boothe describes the magical moments of being deep in thought and the lucidity that follows. “It’s during enchanted moments like these that it becomes easier for me to create fantasies based on my experiences,” she explicitly says. “This is how the idea came to me for the creation of E.R. Emotional Release.”

Notable achievements

As a director and producer, Tian Boothe has 10 credits to her name. Two of her films are in the pre-production stage, with E.R. Emotional Release currently in the filming stage, and about to be released in December.

Her films include E.R. Compliance and her notable work Shattered Dream which won her a place as a semi-finalist for her directing at the Rebel Minded Festival in 2018. Shattered Dream was also the selected film at the Culture Life Film Festival in 2018. Other films Tian Boothe has directed and produced are Never Look Back, The Tip, Worrying About the Future, her multi-award-winning film Fall Break, and The Chase.

Discovering the arts

The Kingston-born beauty arrived in America from Jamaica in pursuit of an MSc in Software Engineering at Nova Southeastern University, she was after all interested in Mathematics and Science. However, her interest in the arts (filmmaking and music) peaked here, and she was determined to follow a creative career.

This interest was inevitable for a girl whose uncle is the popular Jamaican vocalist Ken Boothe, and whose brother, Jullian Boothe, is a music producer, the manager of Amara La Negra, and known for his participation in Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Boothe was just recently awarded her American citizenship and is proud to say that she not only works full time as a software developer but also managed to start working in the Arts.

Significant mentorship and collaborations

It was during her final term of film studies that Tian Boothe was introduced to Kia Kiso, the brilliant award-winning producer of Mile… Mile & A Half, Spiritual Liberation, America the Beautiful, and so on. Their introduction developed into a significant mentorship during the time of her internship, considering Kia Kiso’s experience of 20+ years. Her training and advice proved invaluable for the young producer.

In her short career so far, Boothe has created content across many genres and collaborated with many celebrated artists, including sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Gino Ferrari, Inga Nataya, Ko-Wei Chen, Journey Christine and Cate Kessler, to name but just a few. Boothe has worked with Kessler on several projects and appreciates her dedication and hard work.

Tian Boothe fondly remembers her year at the cinema department faculty at Los Angeles City College where she was mentored by some brilliant people, including Vaughn Obern, Joni Varner, Michele Gendelman, Dylan Shields, Christopher Rossiter, Arnie Anderson, and Scott Mazak.

A passion for social harmony

Always fearless in her filmmaking approach, Tian Boothe has created a highly acclaimed niche for her work. Her style is described as honest, touching, magical, and dramatic, and stems from her need to tell stories that help inspire change. She is passionate about social harmony. Despite her youth, she influences and inspires many young artists with her determination and courage.

“I try to keep my work suitable for most viewers,” Tian Says, “but as an artist, I also want to tell my story. The consequences are that sometimes my work turns out a bit different than expected.” And Tian Boothe’s advice to independent filmmakers: “Never give up on believing in yourselves and your work.”




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