news the most popular cocktail in virginia is a jalapeno margarita according to a new study

The most popular cocktail in Virginia is a Jalapeño Margarita, according to a new study

Looking at the wineries in Virginia by the numbers, it’s clear wine is for lovers. The state has a reputation as a destination for not just lovers but wine connoisseurs as well. There are a mere 300 different wineries there! Virginia has certainly earned her reputation, which speaks for itself at this point, offering comparable experiences to those of urban appeal in New York City.

Even though the state exists under the moniker of Virginia’s Wine Country, local distilleries of other types of spirits are on the rise. The most popular drink of 2018, in Virginia, was a Jalapeño Margarita, according to a new study by Hangover Heaven IV Hydration.

There’s a craving for “craft taste” in the United States, something evident in the beer and brewing industry.

According to the Brewers Association, the number of craft breweries in the US more than doubled in the last 6 years. What’s more? The craft beer microbreweries have become iconic in our pop culture, introducing the explosion of the brewpub across the country. Hard cider, another very popular choice as of late, is also following this trend. Many microbreweries are adding cider to their menu.

The craft style we’re referring to is more along the lines of the atmosphere, not necessarily the exact brewing style or distilling style. The way we buy, serve, and sell beer and wine, though often separate categories from liquor, has changed the process with liquor, as well. Artisan-style distilleries mirror the atmosphere of microbreweries and brewpubs.

Overall, people seem to be craving something unique, or a twist on an old favorite. In fact, the most popular drink in Virginia in 2018 was the jalapeno margarita- adding some modern spice to an old beachside favorite. However, the overarching most popular drink in the US for 2018 was a surprising choice. People are bringing back mead, something previously only heard of in Harry Potter books and historical fiction novels. The Moscow Mule is right on its heels, which gives Virginian micro-distilleries an opening to capitalize on that drink trend by providing artisanal vodka.

Meanwhile, hard seltzer is appearing in more and more bars, possibly as a revamped version of the wine cooler, or possibly a more health-conscious option for those trying to avoid hangovers and stay hydrated. Wine pops are the antithesis of a healthy option, but they will bring back memories of your childhood. Infused with schnapps and wine from your favorite local vineyard, you can create these delicious frozen treats for hot summer days when you need to combine booze with a popsicle.

Pick your poison and whatever it might be, there’s a local drink that will suit you perfectly! Try something new, try something old, or stick to your favorite, but whatever it might be, we’ve got the local elixir for you.



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