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Self publishing a book on Amazon

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Are the current events of Covid-19 providing you with more downtime than you expected? Do you find yourself searching for ways to fill your empty schedule? Writing and self-publishing a book on Amazon might be just the thing for you.

The amount of self-published books being sold on Amazon right now is beginning to skyrocket. Authors are turning to companies that will help them self-publish a book now more than ever. Whether it’s due to an entrepreneurial mindset or, as mentioned before, a desire to fill their empty time slots, self-publishing a book has become all the rage.

Working At Your Own Speed

Do you have a fresh idea to write on that you wish to see in print in less than three years? “Hot” topics change by the month, if not by the week. Between waiting on an agent, having patience while they find a publisher, and sitting around for a publishing house’s timeline, that’s longer than it would take to read your book front-to-back and sideways. By the time you have gotten around to publishing, this ship for your topic has already sailed. You’ll be left with weeks and weeks of hard work, all for nothing. When self-publishing, doors are opened to allow for your work to progress all at your personal desired speed. Times are changing, information is critical, and prompt communication is what we all need. Reaching your audience and releasing your work at a quicker pace are just some of the benefits of self-publishing.

Higher Profits

When it comes to self-publishing versus the traditional publishing route, the profits are exceedingly higher with a self-published book. Traditionally published authors retain only some 10% to 15% of their earnings and even then, only when they have proven themselves reliable, creative, and talented, do they receive this high of a royalty. However, when you self-publish your book, you earn an exceedingly higher portion of royalties at around 50% to 70% of your profits. As long as you’re willing to hand over a slightly higher amount of money initially, you’ll be pulling in a higher amount of earnings while the traditionally published authors around you are only making a fraction of what you’ve been able to achieve.

Your Work is Your Work

Did you know when signing the dotted line for your publishing house you may be unintentionally relinquishing any and all rights to your work that you’ve devoted blood, sweat, and tears to? Does your title touch on all of the information you’d like to highlight in your book? Your publishing company could have permission to change this at any time. Intricate details in your writing that highlight your beautiful and personal style may be edited out and replaced with monotonous and dull expressions. You deserve for your work to be your work, and when you choose to self-publish, you’re allowing yourself just this.

You’ll Need Some Help

Before you can complete your self-publishing, entrepreneurial venture, there are a few things you’ll have to check off of your list first. Things such as book cover design, editing, ISBN/barcode creation, interior layout, and marketing your book can cloud the waters and make self-publishing seem like a more enormous and daunting task than you initially thought. How do I do all of this while also trying to finish pouring my heart into my writing? What if I do these wrong? How will that affect my earnings? Luckily, there are companies out there who were made to take these behind the scenes jobs off of your hands so you can place all of your focus directly on your work. MindStir Media, Top Self-Publisher in the USA, was endorsed by Shark Tank’s own Kevin Harrington saying that,

“With the help of MindStir Media, an award-winning self-publishing company, you too can turn your manuscript into a top-notch book product that you’ll be proud to sell…”

As well as mentioning that “MindStir Media is led by #1 bestselling author J.J. Hebert, so you know you’ll be in good hands … Check out MindStir Media, the company you can trust to help you get to the next level with your book.”

MindStir media will take care of all of the behind the scenes work for you so that you can focus on releasing your ideas, innovations, and wisdom to the world. For more information on self-publishing your book on Amazon, you can visit this article by MindStir Media, LLC.



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