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Sanders: Clinton super PAC spending proves Feel the Bern momentum


bernie sandersBernie Sanders on Sunday said that spending by a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton shows his campaign is gaining ground against the former secretary of state.

“You can get a sense of the nervousness within the Clinton campaign by seeing that they are now using their super PAC money, funded largely by Wall Street, against me,” Sanders told CBS’ John Dickerson during an appearance on Face the Nation. “So I think they understand that in this campaign we have the momentum.”

Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, Priorities USA Action, will reportedly spend at least half a million dollars in paid advertising in the South Carolina Democratic primary, which is the first time one of the pro-Clinton super PACs has purchased paid broadcast advertising. In the most recent filing period, Priorities USA Action reported that it received $15 million in donations from financial industry interests.

But the Priorities USA Action spending goes against what Secretary Clinton told PBS’ Judy Woodruff in October of last year. “I’ve said I want anybody supporting me to go after Republicans because whatever differences we might have on the Democratic side, they pale in comparison to the really substantive differences we have with the Republicans,” she said at the time. “So whoever is supporting me — individuals, super PACs, whomever — I want them to be focused on Republicans. That’s where the real political difference is.”



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