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Sanders, Warren, Merkley demand General Dynamics respect its workers

Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) called on General Dynamics, the third largest federal contractor, to respond to formal complaints that the company is participating in systemic wage theft and coercive anti-union practices at its federally contracted call centers.

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Bernie Sanders endorses Tom Perriello for Virginia governor

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont endorsed Tom Perriello today in the Virginia governor’s race.

What do Democrats want in 2020? They dunno

Democrats want somebody new, somebody young, to carry the torch for them for president in 2020. They also want Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

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Bernie Sanders statement on Donald Trump election

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) issued the following statement Wednesday after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.

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Clinton, Sanders supporters host Williamsburg Stronger Together event

Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be joining forces for a Stronger Together event in Williamsburg today.

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Stronger Together: Clinton, Sanders campaigns holding joint Virginia events

Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will be joining forces for a series of “Stronger Together” events throughout Virginia this week.

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Andy Schmookler: Bernie’s disingenuous pledge

I’d guess I’ve heard it at least a dozen times: Bernie Sanders pledging that “I’ll do everything I can to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.”

Lessons from the Brexit: Hillary, pay attention

Hillary Clinton and her team might want to pay heed to the fallout from the historic Brexit vote in the UK, at their own peril if they don’t.

Open primaries: A wrong idea

It is reported that one of the reforms that Bernie Sanders would like to see implemented in the Democratic Party is the idea of “open” primaries.

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Alon Ben-Meir: Bernie Sanders and the French initiative

Throughout the primary campaign, only Senator Bernie Sanders had a position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was fresh, balanced, and welcome.

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Podcast: Chris Graham talks Trump, Clinton-Sanders, Virginia veep?

AFP editor Chris Graham talks politics on this podcast: focusing on Donald Trump, the Democratic race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

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Andy Schmookler: A win-win way for Bernie to lead now

Dear Bernie: There are some – such as you and some of your followers – who believe it is worthwhile for you to keep fighting Hillary for the nomination.

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Chris Graham Show talks Bernie, DMB, Strasburg, ESPN3

The Chris Graham Show is back – and the host talks Bernie Sanders, the Dave Matthews Band 25th anniversary show, Stephen Strasburg and his ESPN3 season finale.

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Sanders defeats Clinton in West Virginia: Preibus errantly throws stones

Bernie Sanders won Tuesday’s West Virginia Democratic presidential primary, receiving 51.4 percent of the vote in a convincing victory over Hillary Clinton.

Poll: Trump won’t be the November disaster that you assume

Progressives assume that Donald Trump is going to lose in November, no matter what. New numbers from Public Policy Polling suggest otherwise.

Republicans have a Trump problem: But Democrats have a Clinton problem

All eyes are on how the Republican Party is about to implode with Donald Trump all settled as the GOP presidential nominee.

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The short memory of Bernie Sanders

During his interview with the New York Daily News, Bernie Sanders was asked to specify the fraud committed by Wall Street banks.


The media and the corporate state

In an interview with Cenk Uygur March 23, Bernie Sanders noted, “The media is an arm of the ruling class of this country.”

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Bernie Sanders free trade mythology: Or Reason’s?

At Reason, Steve Chapman faults Bernie Sanders for saying: “Do you know that in 1960, Detroit, Michigan, was one of the wealthiest cities in America?

On trade, Sanders and Trump are peas in a rotten pod

Neither Bernie Sanders, the self-described democratic socialist, nor Donald Trump, the self-described terrific businessman, knows squat about economics.

Once upon a time in America

There’s never been an America — a world — where we all had each other’s backs. We can build one. But it won’t be by electing the right set of rulers.

Super Tuesday: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump win in Virginia

Hillary Clinton won going away in Virginia’s Democratic Party presidential primary, and Donald Trump walked away with a narrow win over Marco Rubio on the Republican side on Super Tuesday.

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Bernie Sanders shooting for $40 million fundraising month

Bernie Sanders backers were racing the clock on Monday to raise more than $40 million by tonight’s end-of-the-month midnight deadline.

Sanders, Trump both too establishment on Syria

Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton both want the U.S. government to set up a “safe zone” in Syria to care for refugees from the raging civil war.

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Bernie Sanders: The candidate the establishment needs

The win in New Hampshire for Bernie Sanders was expected, but Hillary Clinton is largely predicted to win the Democratic nomination.

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Bernie Sanders calling Clinton bluff on Wall Street speech transcripts?

The Bernie Sanders campaign on Friday urged Hillary Clinton to keep her word and release the transcripts of speeches she gave to Wall Street firms “when everybody else does.”

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Sanders endorses medical aid in dying as option for terminally ill adults

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders yesterday said suffering, terminally ill people should have the option of medical aid in dying.

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Sanders stresses economy, voting rights, courts in meeting with black leaders

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders met Thursday at the National Urban League offices with leaders of nine historic civil rights organizations.