Risks of gambling for real money

Risks of gambling for real money



Who can resist the thrill of winning? Few can, but this thrill is not without its drawbacks. Real money gambling is said to be a very risky activity. Many governments prohibit it. They believe the population of their countries will lose all their money to the casinos.

Read on to get to know what risks do you face when you gamble for real money, and how to enjoy the thrill of gambling safely.

Gambling addiction

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The same goes for any activity that you enjoy but may lead you down a shady path. Gambling is one of those activities.

It gives you a thrill. An adrenaline rush when you are expecting whether you win a fortune or lose your money. It may even be this feeling that you are after, not the money itself.

As you can see, it is easy to become hooked on this. Especially so, if you are seeking a way to escape reality. For instance, if you are having troubles getting your life back on tracks, you are much more likely to become addicted to something. It may be drugs, gambling or a more positive activity, but dependency remains a risk.

One of the first telling signs, according to psychologists, is that a person with gambling problems becomes secretive about their habit. If the things go worse, an addict can start gambling when they can’t afford to.

If this happens, they are often trapped in a vicious circle. They believe that the only way to make up for their loss is to bet more and win the money back. Many people put themselves in debt this way.

A 2008 study by UNLV claims that online gambling is even more addictive than gambling at a land-based casino. The thing is most people don’t live near a casino, so it takes some efforts to get to one. Whereas with online casinos, you are connected 24/7.

It only takes a small effort to log in and start gambling. This can even become a pattern of behavior when you go your online casino every time you feel bad and need a surge of adrenaline you get from betting.


Debt is another major risk factor for real money gamblers. If you have developed a case of problem gambling, the odds are you will begin betting with money you don’t have.

In the modern world of credit cards that give you access to a lot of money for seemingly nothing, the temptation is high. An addict would think that if he takes a bit of credit funds to gamble, he can win it back with a solid paycheck on the top.

While it may be true in some cases, thousands of people end up with huge debts that they spend years to pay up.

In extreme cases, an irresponsible gambler can go to a loan shark when the bank refuses to give them any more credit. These kinds of stories generally don’t end well.

Destruction of family

Getting hooked on gambling can mean destroying the thing you love the most, your family. Many families fall apart because they argue about the money. Is there a better way to screw your family’s finances than to spend them on gambling uncontrollably?

This is the place when most people with gambling problems stop. If your habit is kept secret, and then the secret is revealed, your close ones probably won’t be happy to see a significant part of the budget spent on the game. Some people stop, some people prefer the thrill of winning over their loved ones.

How to avoid the risks

Now you may think that these three risks have nothing to do with you. In most cases, you are likely to be true. Debt and destruction of the family are essentially the consequences of gambling addiction. So the secret of risk-free gambling is not getting hooked.

Here are some basic tips on not doing that.

  • Lead a balanced life. Don’t make the game the center of your universe. If you have other ways of having fun and generally love your life, you won’t become addicted.
  • Never play on credit funds. Just don’t do it. If you think that you’ll win everything you lost back, think is the possibility of being in debt worth it.
  • Treat gambling as a source of fun, not a way of making money. While there are instances of people becoming insanely rich because of gambling, there are millions of untold stories about financial ruin.

Gambling is fun. Keep it that way.




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