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Press Conference: Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer


beamerVirginia Tech coach Frank Beamer talks with the media on Monday. The Hokies (2-3, 0-1 ACC) host N.C. State (4-1, 0-1 ACC) on Friday night.


On NC State:
“You look at NC State. They lead the ACC in scoring, scoring almost 50 points per game. Second in the ACC in rushing. Defense leads the ACC in third-down conversions. Offense is second in the ACC in third-down conversions. It’s a good football team. Probably more weapons on offense than we’ve seen all year, or at least next to Ohio State. They play hard on defense. They’re extremely physical up front. Taken a lot of guys, like we’ve done, taken linebackers and defensive ends and moved them inside. They really have great speed and agility. They believe in that. You have to have speed and quickness out there. It’s another critical game. We have to make great preparation and I feel like we will and go play our very best.”

On possible personnel changes he referenced after Saturday’s game:
“We’ve taken [Greg] Stroman. He’s going to be wide receiver, full time. He’s a great playmaker. He’s a punt returner. He’s a good defensive back. There’s no question about that. I told him we’d meet again before the spring and decide where he wants to go from there. But right now, we need some playmakers on offense. We need that. I think we’ve sat down and talked about and who needs to be touching the ball. I think there’s only so many touches in a game. Percentage-wise you better have the right people touching the ball.”

On LB Tremaine Edmunds:
“We want him to come along. He’s a talented guy. We’d like to get him more plays in there. We’d like to see him challenge a little more at linebacker. He’s just a freshman. There’s just so much as a line backer. Everything’s going on around you. If we can bring him on a littler fast, he can be a guy.”

On T Yosuah Nijman:
“He’s an offensive tackle, 6-7, athletic guy. We’re going to get him in there and play more, give him more opportunities. He’s another one, just learning more. We have two guys (in the secondary) that are not here. Both of them playing in the NFL. Then you replace them with young guys, it’s a learning deal. There’s nothing like experience in this business. If you have it, you’re generally in good shape. If you’re young, you have to go through some growing pains.”

On Michael Brewer’s likelihood to be ready for NC State (contingent upon medical clearance):
“I think the first thing we need to know is if he’s going to be available. Once we know that, we’ll figure out the rest.” On NC State as a must-win being 2-3: “I think every game is a must win. As you go along, the more you win, the more important the next game becomes. As you go along and you’ve lost on in conference, the more important that next game becomes. That’s the way it is. You want guys to rise to the challenge and I think we have that at Virginia Tech.”

On QB Dwayne Lawson possibly seeing the field:
“Again, we have to see where [Michael] Brewer is. I think when we answer that question then the other pieces of the puzzle fall into place a little bit.”

On the playing conditions on Saturday:
“I want to talk about our players and this all starts with me. We got looking at video yesterday, looking at a couple of plays. The one (where we downed the ball) at one-yard-line was a heck of a play and everyone got up like it was business as usual. That’s not the way we need to be playing. It needs to be emotional, fun. That all starts with me. I think we let the weather get to us a little bit. We talked about the weather so much we forgot to go and let our emotions show up and play that way. That’s the way our kids want to play. That’s the way we’ve always played. We’re going to talk abut that. This is an emotional game. We have great kids. I like this crowd a lot. Now we have to have some fun out there and enjoy the moment. When you think about college football, you’re doing something special and you can only do it so many times. Let’s enjoy it.”

On the running game:
“I think if you ask any person on our offense, player or coach, ‘what’s your number one priority?’ ‘Our number one priority is run the football better.’ We’re going to continue to work on it. The number one priority of most defenses is to stop the run to make you one dimensional. I firmly believe we’re talented enough. We just have to be determined. Everybody on our team, every offensive guy, that’s what they’d tell you.”

On whether playing with emotion has been lacking this season?
“No, no. I think that started with me. I think we let the weather get to us a little bit. Our mind was all over the place. It’s my fault. When we come out and don’t play with great emotion, that’s me.”



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