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The People’s Veep: Tim Kaine tax returns revealing


tim kaineDonald Trump claims to be a billionaire. Hillary Clinton makes millions. And then there’s Clinton running mate Tim Kaine.

Kaine and Clinton released additional years of tax returns on Friday, and what we saw from the Clinton returns was no surprise – income for Hillary and husband Bill in 2015 at $10 million-plus, down from just short of $28 million in 2014.

(Running for president: a big money-loser. Remember that, kids, when you get to that stage in life.)

Kaine, a U.S. senator, former Virginia governor, and former Richmond mayor, is in a different stratosphere in terms of money.

Kaine and his wife, Anne Holton, reported $314,441 in income in 2015.

Thumbing through the document dump, we see that in 2012, when Kaine was running for Senate, the couple’s income was less than half that, at $156,475.

(Another note here, folks: running for the Senate, another big hit on the ol’ family income.)

And then you look at 2006, his first year as governor, and the First Couple was reporting $178,343 in income, and their income was in that ballpark through the end of his single gubernatorial term in 2009.

For sake of making comparisons, the per capita income in Virginia in 2015 is $52,136, so the standard for a couple would be $104,272.

It hasn’t been that long – four years – that the Kaines were within hailing distance of the average income-earner in Virginia.

Story by Chris Graham




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