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Keep up with your fitness regimen this summer


groupfitnessThe summer months lend themselves to activity, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that warm-weather activities are enough in terms of helping you reach your fitness goals.

“Mowing the grass or going for a walk is not the same as resistance training,” said George Goodloe, a personal trainer at the Waynesboro Family YMCA.

It’s as important to keep up with your fitness regimen in the summer months as it is any other time of the year. It may even be more important in the summer, because for every extra evening stroll in the park or game of horseshoes in the backyard, there is a Sunday cookout or trip to the local ice-cream parlor to serve as a counter-balance.

And if you’re able to keep your portion sizes at the cookout or ice-cream parlor in line, you still need to keep up with your workout regimen.

“When you’re doing stuff outside in the summer, sure, you’re moving, and that’s better than being a couch potato, but you’re not breaking down muscle tissue, building it back, you’re not getting your bones stronger. You’re not helping your metabolism. You’re not getting rid of fat mass and putting muscle on. That’s the key,” Goodloe said.

– Story by Chris Graham



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