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Information on beating traffic violations

newspaperThe know-how of a professional and trained attorney can provide you with relief when you suffer from when trying to fight ticket.

There is no question that each and every person has had a “lead foot” while they were driving, rushing to get to one place or another. Or you have inched your way through a stop sign without completing the stop simply because there was not much traffic, or even crossed a solid line in order to get the exit that you need.

The fact is that when you hear the sirens and see the lights on your exit, you definitely need the services of a traffic attorney that is familiar with the law in this area. Even the most harmless violations can become quite significant in just a matter of a few minutes. This includes substantial fines, points put on your license that will in turn raise your insurance rates and the ever-dreaded court date that you then have to fit into your busy schedule.

There are a number of law offices in out there that handle traffic laws, no matter where they occur, or how severe they may be. Depending on the actual circumstances surrounding the citation or violation, your attorney may be able to have the charges against you reduced or even eliminated altogether.


Questions regarding your traffic violation

When you receive any type of traffic violation or citation, you may have a number of different questions, which include things such as:

  • Will the charge result in probation or jail time?
  • Will there be any points assessed to your record?
  • Will this appear on your background check?
  • Will the charge result in an increase of premiums?
  • Is a lawyer really necessary?
  • What is negligent or reckless driving?

Getting a summons means that you have a clear distinction between a “must appear” offense on offenses that are considered not serious. The charges that simply result in fines or points include moving violations, such as speeding tickets. For these types of violations you do not have to show up to court. However, for the serious offenses you will have to go to court and these types of offenses include the following:

  • Driving with a revoked or suspended license
  • Driving with no license
  • Driving a vehicle with no insurance
  • Involvement with a hit and run
  • A DUI or a DWI

No matter where you are, there are endless activities, people with schedules and distraction on the roads. All of these factors can lead to careless driving that may result in a speeding ticket. The fact is that you do have options. Instead of just paying the fine, even for a smaller offense, you can fight the violation and with the services of a qualified and knowledgeable traffic attorney, avoid the significant fees and points.




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