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HUH Token hounding the competition: Dogs of Elon and EverGrow coin

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Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Lite Coin, and many more cryptocurrency powerhouses presently dominate the market, with all of them having a highly prosperous 2020 despite the epidemic. There is always an undercurrent of uncertainty in the volatile crypto sea, but as the tide shifts and the world accepts decentralized banking, the dangers will gradually fade. Will emerging cryptocurrencies such as The Dogs of Elon, EverGrow Coin, and HUH Token be the next big thing?

Dogs of Elon (DOE) is an excellent example of using a fresh idea to capitalize on a market niche. They’ve had a lot of success by leaning on the canine memes and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The leader of these memes being, Tesla’s Technoking, Elon Musk. This cryptocurrency was inspired by the likes of Cryptopunks and Crypto-kitties.

DOE is introducing canine memes to the NFT market in an effort, and with success, to capitalize on these pups’ memetic potential. This currency has already begun to grow and dig in its claws; but, there are two completely new currencies in play that have the potential to be as large, if not larger, than DOE.

EverGrow coin

EverGrow Coin debuted six weeks ago and has since become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the cryptosphere. The currency has already paid out over $20,000,000 in incentives to its holders. These payouts are immediately deposited into the holders’ wallet as the stable coin BUSD. EverGrow has also burnt half of the total supply, removing the coins from the pool for good. This isn’t a new idea; numerous cryptocurrencies use this method to reduce their market value. The distinction between these burned coins and other schemes, however, is that the EverGrow coin truly disappears. In contrast, several other cryptocurrencies continue to share their reflections long after the coins have been removed from circulation, which means that EverGrow incentives might be roughly twice as valuable. There are also plans to develop an NFT marketplace with play-to-earn games and a decentralized area for creators; this social network is said to have the ability to compete with Onlyfans.

HUH Token

The following inclusion on the list has not yet been disclosed but has set a debut date of December 6th. The HUH coin is supposed to be intended for ease of use and is not limited to the wealthiest investors. HUH Token, like EverGrow, provides a unique ability to create passive revenue, and maybe much more so.

HUH Token has a unique and easy referral plan that employs codes provided to investors to allow 10% of purchases made by a new wallet holders to be sent to the referrer. The 10% collected from the person who uses your coupon is provided in BNB.

There are also rumors that a significant number of investors are well-known social influencers with substantial followings. The combination of this tokenomic technique and the possibility for a massive social following might result in the next Shiba Inu or Dogecoin.

With the rising stability in the crypto industry, it seems that the next shift in crypto ventures will concentrate on utility, passive income and reaching the masses.

This is not financial advice, and any investments you make should be carefully evaluated. However, I would be apprehensive about losing out on the next major bullrush in the coming holiday season.

Story by Albert John 


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