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How to sell books on Amazon

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Offering over 600 million different types of goods, Amazon is surely the biggest marketplace for online shopping and selling But, what many people don’t know is that it started as a marketplace for selling books in 1995 and immediately became a popular online bookstore. Today, you can offer almost any type of item on this platform. From kitchen towels to dehumidifiers, you will find all types of goods on this marketplace.

Selling books to Amazon is a perfect opportunity to earn some extra cash from the comfort of your home. You need to use some good tools to optimize your product listings for the best sales on Amazon https://ioscout.io/listing-builder by IO Scout is the right tool you are searching for. Do you want to know how to sell books on Amazon? This article is the right place for you.

Different Methods of Selling Books on Amazon

If you want to sell books on Amazon, below are different ways to do it.

  • Earn through Used Books
  • Offer New Books
  • Earn Money by Writing Your Own Books
  • Trade-In Program

Earn through Used Books

Did you know you can sell used books to Amazon? This is among the easiest ways to earn money through those used books in your home that you haven’t read in ages but are occupying space on your shelf. But there is a catch, Amazon won’t take every book so you must check if the book you intend to sell is accepted or not. Moreover, your books must have an acceptable condition and there should be no missing pages.

Offer New Books

Another smart way to sell books to amazon is through new books. What you do is buy books at a discounted price from a book sale and sell them on Amazon at the original price so you can earn profit through it. You can also buy new books from another online platform and offer them at a higher price. Another option is to buy a large amount of books at a discounted price and offer them at a higher price to generate profit.

Earn Money by Writing Your Own Books

If you write high-quality books, this is a great opportunity for you to earn money through them. With Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you can not only publish your books (ebooks as well as audiobooks) directly but you can sell them as well. This is definitely a great platform for making our own books visible to a large number of people with spending too much on marketing.

This means you don’t have to deal with finding a good publisher for your books and you also get the full rights of your books. Moreover, you can edit them at any time. Before you publish the book, don’t forget to copyright it.

Trade-In Program

This is a program through which you give your books to Amazon and get gift cards in return instead of cash but every book is not eligible for it so you must first check the eligibility of your books before sending them to the storehouse. Next, you submit a form by providing some info regarding your books and then proceed by providing your address. After you receive your shipping form, you can send your books to Amazon’s storehouse where they will be safely stored. Remember to ship your books within 7 days after you have received your shipping form.

You are notified when your books are received and you can also track their status and your gift card balance through your account. You do get a reduced price for your books through this program but isn’t it better than nothing?

Selecting the Right Books to Sell

The process of selecting the best books is somewhat similar to the process of choosing the right item to sell on Amazon. You can get ideas from best selling books on the platform but remember to take into account their BSR. Calculate BSR by https://ioscout.io/sales-estimator Amazon sellers rank calculator to understand their demand, this tool is free on IO Scout. Another important factor to focus on is the number of merchants offering the same book. If there are too many of them, don’t choose that book because you will face too much competition. You shouldn’t also pick books with a poor BSR because it reflects that such books are not desired by the readers and hence, they don’t have the potential to generate high income.

All in all, the right book is the one which not too many merchants are already offering but is desired by the readers. You can also use tools to predict the amount of sales a particular book can generate and analyze trends of different books.



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