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Hearing help in harmony with your brain: Part 3


We’ve already driven home the point in PART 1 of this series that the way you hear and how your brain processes sounds are unique to each individual. In PART 2, we covered some of the significant technologies that are packed into Alta, Oticon’s newest hearing device.

hearing health careAll of these features working seamlessly in concert within the Alta device is remarkable in itself. But what makes Alta even more advanced is how your personal hearing preferences are integrated into the “micro brain” of the device to deliver a true custom solution.

The extraordinary technology of Alta is optimized by talking, and listening. When you consult with a hearing care professional about Alta, the first step is to create your personal hearing profile. This process goes far beyond your hearing test results to uncover your personal preferences in sound, perception and expectations. Through a series of questions and structured listening experiences, a personalized profile is created that will actually be used by your customized Alta sound-processing chip.

When you are fitted with your Alta, your device is carefully fine-tuned to match your lifestyle and hearing needs. The technology behind Alta means that it’s designed to adjust to you, instead of you adjusting to it. And Alta’s settings can always be adjusted at the same high level of detail, as your hearing needs change.

Next week, we will cover how Alta from Oticon can be customized to fit your lifestyle and unique hearing preferences in PART 4 of this series.

Learn how you can get started with Alta by calling us at 866-341-4327 or visit us at www.hearvirginia.com.

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