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Don’t overlook hearing health

Many people underestimate the importance of hearing health to their overall health and well-being. Don’t fall into that trap. Your sense of hearing is precious.

A professional can best assess your hearing needs

You’ve noticed issues with your hearing, and family members and friends seem to confirm it.

How we hear: And how hearing loss can impact us

How do we hear? Close your eyes and concentrate. Listen to the sounds around you. A fan, birds chirping, cars passing down the street.

Hearing loss: No, it’s not just you

You’re experiencing hearing loss, and you assume it’s just you. But it’s not just you. More than 34 million Americans have hearing loss.

Two hearing aids: Your best choice for better hearing

You hear with your brain, and your ears are instruments that get information about sound to your brain to process.

A visit with a hearing care professional can change your life

It’s easy to schedule a visit with a hearing care professional at Hearing Healthcare of Virginia, and it may change your life.

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Fifty Plus: Hearing loss

Reading glasses are one thing, but starting to gradually lose my hearing is something else. My hearing was perfect up until a few years ago.

Hearing Healthcare Tip: Bring a friend, family member to your hearing test

You may be thinking that you might be experiencing issues with hearing loss. But those who know best are your friends and family.

Hearing aids reduce the risk of mental decline

A new study shows that hearing aids reduce the accelerated mental decline associated with hearing loss. In fact, hearing aid users are no more at risk that people without hearing loss.

Hearing Healthcare Tip: Sound tailored to your needs

You know your hearing aid better than anyone – particularly the way it sounds.

Hearing Healthcare Tip: Your telephone like never before

If you are hard of hearing, your telephone, vital for keeping in touch with loved ones, can be a major challenge.

How important is hearing?

Your sense of hearing is precious. Hearing contributes to personal safety, emotional well-being and independence.

Your hearing aid solution

Your hearing care professional will help you learn about your new hearing aids, teach you how to use them, and work together with you to make sure you get the best hearing possible.

Getting a new hearing aid: Bring someone with you

Because the sense of hearing is of such great social importance, the decision to seek hearing help is very often a family event. Sometimes it is a spouse, son, daughter or friend who first recognizes that there may be a problem. You may wish to ask someone close to you whether they are aware of […]

How to tell whether you have a hearing loss

Hearing changes often do not result in an overall loss of volume. Some sounds remain as audible as they always were, yet others become harder to hear, and some conversations require more attentiveness. You might notice that words just don’t sound clear.

Hearing aids: Design and style

People have preferences about how hearing aids should look, feel and operate. These preferences are often the first things people think about when they decide to purchase a hearing solution.

Hearing Healthcare: Bring a friend along for your hearing test

People experiencing hearing loss don’t experience the loss in a vacuum. Those around you are also impacted. That’s why it is important to look at your hearing test as a family event.

Hearing Healthcare: Your hearing consultation

Only a qualified hearing care professional can tell you whether you are experiencing hearing loss and recommend the best course of action for dealing with it.