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My congratulations to the new president


Barack Obama has received the most number of congratulatory messages from everyone. Indeed, he is the very shape of hope not only for the Unites States, but for the entire world as well.
My message will not have the very opportunity to be read by Obama; that I understand and accept.

My enthusiasm for Obama becoming president was well into early this year, and has not feigned down, even if I am fully aware that I cannot vote.

But I am aware that Americans will make the right decision this time. His overwhelming win has indeed shown that the entire country wants change, and wants someone who is more capable of running a country.

I know it is too early to conclude that Obama will do a good job, but his sincerity and knowledge of many issues is visible, and he knows how to choose his Cabinet. He will do well.

Presidents do matter for everyone else. We have to be aware and alert of who is the president of the other country. Adolf Hitler is a powerful proof of what happens when you have a dictator in power of a country capable of attacking the entire world, and this was decades ago when international trade was not as widespread.

Trade and services are more international than ever. Different products, could have parts come in from different countries, and assembled in another country, have Indians in India sell it by phone to people in different countries.

In a way, these products might have traveled to more places than us.

What should Obama do as president of United States?

The ultimate quest for peace is found not through different religious choices, but through ensuring people have jobs. When a person has a job, they have no time attacking another country, and would rather not attack another country due to economic interdependence. Peace was always found in countries who really trade and benefit from each other.

Something has to be done to ensure Iraq could be on its own. There has to be a reduction of troops, and focal assistance in their economy, that would get their industry wheels turning. If Iraqis are busy at work making sneakers or such, they will find contentment.

The same should be done in other countries as well, not that USA should buy from everyone, but each country should learn to look for their core competence, and establish infrastructure and sound policies to encourage industry.

For the U.S. economy, Obama has a lot of work to do clearing up the mess. The disaster was indeed set during the Clinton administration, but the mess would not have been made had it not been for the economic problems during the Bush administration. The loans that American citizens have were due to a very open and liberal loan system, but this was thought as safe, assuming that people who took loans do not get fired.

Not only is getting fired a major issue, there is the overprice of properties and sudden increase in cost of commodities due to fuel prices. The mess did indeed pile up in the Bush administration, and opening a closet resulted in all the other mess inside falling on the floor.

It is not impossible to clean up the mess. The first focal point is to get Americans hired in jobs that can sustain their lifestyle. There is also an important lesson to be learned on budgeting ones finances to keep protected in times of financial problems. Another good focal point in Obama’s system is the focus on education. Americans have to be competitive in education to get good jobs.

With all sincerity and focus put in place. Obama can change things around and clear up the mess. He will also thus be able to bring back the glory US had before the Bush administration.

Good luck, Barack Obama, and congratulations.


Column by Haresh Daswani



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