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How to get a great car with the lowest price tag?


Choosing a car isn’t hard – just go for what you always wanted for, right? Wrong! We don’t always want the things we actually need. A Charger, for example, may seem like a dream come true but unless you are in your late thirties there isn’t a single reason for picking one up.

A Charger looks and sounds cool. It’s fast on a straight road but it also consumes a lot of gas while being absolutely useless in a city. Going for it will probably be your biggest mistake. What’s the point of owning a car if you can’t exploit it’s true power because you have work, college, life and family in an industrial center and not wide-open roads of Texas? In reality, used cars under 1000 dollars are really your best bet after you consider what you really need the ride for.


Size matters!

Let’s face it you guys – Cherry Amulet and Cherry QQ are as good of a car in a city, if not better than Corollas or BMW X5’s. We live in an era of Minis and Smarts. They are simply a better choice for us city dwellers.

Smaller cars cost less and save more in the long run. It’s easier to get through traffic on a Mini. If you live in a suburban area, a smaller car is your number one option of getting a great cheap used car!

Don’t go for less than you deserve

Small cars don’t equal slow ones. The engine is, after all, what matters the most! Modern day engines don’t need the size of an elephant under your hood to be good. There are turbines for these purposes. Turbines don’t consume too much fuel, while giving you the roar of a thunderbird and the might of several hundred horse powers.

This especially matters in a city because being late is more often than not the equivalent of failure. You can’t afford going slow, especially under pike traffic pressure.


Details matter

Small cars usually offer as much as two seats. Some go for five seats. Does it matter to you? If not, the two seated vehicles should work just fine and they will save you a few hundred dollars. If you have a family go for the slightly larger cars like Ford Focus, Volkswagen Golf or Cherry QQ.

The same can be said about any other detail from trunk size to the material wrapping the seats. All of these things are something you can save more money on if they don’t matter to you whatsoever.

Everything else is really up to you, my friends!



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