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Fox News shocker: DOJ searches of Biden homes included deadly force authorizations

Chris Graham
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We got, from Fox News, of all places, an unexpected twist on the Biden authorized the DOJ to take out Trump story.

Turns out, the boilerplate Department of Justice policy statement regarding the use of deadly force was included in the operations order for the documents searches at President Biden’s residences in Delaware.

Translation: yep, Biden was “locked & loaded ready to take (himself) out.”

“The FBI said standard protocol was followed, no additional steps were taken and there was no departure from the norm. This news about the deadly force policy also being in place for the FBI searches at Biden’s homes underscores that point,” Fox News White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich reported Wednesday night.

This would seem to put the lie to disgraced ex-president Donald Trump’s insistence that the search of his Mar-a-Lago golf club in 2022 was anything resembling an assassination attempt.

I mean, there was already the part about how the DOJ planned the search with the Secret Service at a time that Trump was known to not be on the premises.

We reported yesterday how the language is standard-issue for the execution of search warrants.

All you have to do is Google officers killed executing a search warrant to see why this order is standard-issue.

The insertion of the language in the order to search Biden’s homes would seem to buttress that point.

Unless, you know, the plot goes even deeper, and the Deep State was planning to use the DOJ to take out both Trump and Biden.

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, amirite?

Trump, being Trump, is having none of it.

“Crooked Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice authorized the use of ‘deadly force’ in their Illegal, UnConstitutional, and Un-American RAID of Mar-a-Lago, and that would include against our Great Secret Service, who they thought might be ‘in the line of fire,’” Trump wrote in a post on his flailing Truth Social platform overnight, which is on pace to lose a billion dollars this year.

You can tell that Trump himself wrote the post because of the use of caps in odd places.

Seriously, this guy is supposedly from the Ivy League.

Which proves, if nothing else, that Trump is right about one thing: the elites aren’t better than us.

Also weighing in with thoughts on Trump’s victim complex was Fifth District Congressman Bob Good.

“This is another reminder that President Biden and the Democrats have weaponized the government against its citizens and political opponents like President Donald Trump. We are in a fight for our freedoms, constitution, and the future of our country,” Good wrote on Twitter.

Good, for background, has been trying for several months now to mend fences with Trump, whose stooges have made it clear is upset, in a not-at-all-forgiving way, that Good endorsed Ron DeSantis, and not Trump, for president.

TrumpWorld is actively backing Good’s opponent for the Republican nomination in the Fifth, John McGuire, a newly elected state senator.

Good, by way of playing the role of supplicant, was among the group of congressional Republicans who skipped work last week to mutter about democracy and freedom and the rest to reporters and protestors outside the Manhattan courthouse where Trump is being tried on 34 felony counts.

Kinda makes you pine for the good ol’ days of George W. Bush just being cartoonishly inept, don’t it?

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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