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Foods for sport and exercise

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Chances are that you’ve seen many food advertisements that claim they can help you get fit. Many of them are already about; some are just too good to be true. There are many myths spread out by some food companies to gain popularity. So, instead of taking in steroids, give the food a benefit of doubt. For steroids, you can check steroids en 120kgs.org. Here are some that claim that they help you sustain your sport and exercise.


Sports Drinks – Myth

This article starts you up with a myth. Various sports drinks claim that they replenish the water lost from your body. This claim is somewhat untrue. Water is the best drink of all. Sports drinks already have added sugars, chemicals, and calories; the extra energy you get is just from the sugar contained in them. The next time you want to buy one, skip it. You can just drink water and eat something to get the same effect.


Protein Shakes – Truth

The first delicious truth. Protein shakes are yummy! At the same time, they help you gain great amounts of protein. This will hasten your bodybuilding or body-shaping regimens’ effects. The body, when working out, destroys its muscle in this process. These destroyed muscles then become stronger when built again by protein. This kind of drink defeats eating solid food because you take in protein in an easy-to-absorb form.


Protein Bars – Truth

There are many reports on how protein bars help curb appetite. At the same time, those who take in protein bars can even sustain a very low-calorie diet easily. With obese people, just protein bars will be able to get them through the day easily. Some reports show obese people can go as low as 600 calories per day and not suffer bad effects. They are also very compact and easy to eat. With many fibres and proteins, it should help your exercise routine better than any other food.


Low-Fat is good for you – Myth

This is another blatant lie that can be seen in supermarkets. They claim that they have no fat, but they still have calories that can help you gain weight. In fact, disregard every low-fat food you see and think of them as calories. It is true that fat has double the calories per gram, but not all fat is just calories. Some fat has omega-3, which helps you get more fit. Some vitamins are stored in fat. The next time you look for low-fat food, look for one that has nutrients in the fat. This way, you cannot go wrong with taking in food that has it.


Diet Sodas – Myth

This one is obvious. Diet sodas claim that they have less sugar or do not have sugar at all. Why is it sweet then? Maybe they used other forms of sweeteners. They use aspartame, which is a lot sweeter than sugar. However, even if it had less sugar than regular sodas, the sweetness will make you want more. In the end, you will have consumed more sugar than you should have.



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