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Finding the perfect college roommate


chelseaBy Chelsea Church

Applying for colleges can be stressful. Not only is it torture waiting to hear back from the admissions office, but the stress does not stop once you get in. Once you hear back from the colleges you applied to, then you have to make the decision of where you want to go, how you will pay for it, what classes to take, and the scariest one of all, finding a roommate.

Finding the perfect roommate is serious business. This is the person you have to live with, in a 9 x 14 square room, for two whole semesters. This is why a lot of people do not just want a roommate, but a best friend: someone they like to hang around and do things with.

So, how does one go about finding the perfect roommate? There are many ways to meet new people. There are apps, websites, and Facebook even has separate groups for upcoming college freshman to chat and get to know each other. These resources make it easier to connect with possible roommates rather than getting a random roommate you do not like or know nothing about. Facebook has probably been the best way to find a roommate so far in my opinion. All you do is post a brief description of yourself and what you like and maybe what you are looking for in a roommate, and everyone in the group can read it. If someone thinks they have a lot in common with you they can message you separately to get to know you better.

Here is where it gets a little more difficult. You want to make sure you are asking the right questions to see if this person really is compatible to you. You do not want to waste time on someone that is not a good match. Good questions would be: Do you like to go out or stay in? Do you like to stay up late? Wake up early? What are your priorities? Where do you want to live on campus? What are your pet peeves? etc. If too many things conflict with your personality, it is on to the next possible candidate.

After talking to someone you think is a good match, it is always good to meet up with them before signing a contract to live with them. Depending on how far away they live, this could be a difficult task. Even though someone may seem like the perfect roommate, it is hard to really tell until you live with them. No one wants to be stuck with someone that gets under their skin.

Finding a roommate is a stressful, but hopefully memorable experience. Getting to know the person you could possibly be lifelong friends with is exciting. College is full of new things and new people from all over. It is important to surround yourself with people that will help you embrace the area you are in and make it the best it can possibly be.



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