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Commonwealth allocates $2.5M to localities for shelter upgrades


Virginia Department of Emergency ManagementThe Virginia Department of Emergency Management announced this week the award of $2.5 million for shelter upgrades and generators to 17 localities.

The Virginia Emergency Shelter Upgrade Assistance Fund, was a result of Senate Bill 350, introduced by Sen. L. Louise Lucas, and went into effect on July 1, 2020, under Virginia Code §44.146.29:3. These much-needed resources in the commonwealth were supported by the governor’s administration to provide the localities the necessary funding to make the upgrades.

The program is used for the purposes of providing matching funds to localities to install, maintain, or repair infrastructure related to backup energy generation for emergency shelters, including solar energy generators, and to improve the hazard-specific structural integrity (wind retrofit) of shelter facilities owned by the locality.

Each application has a maximum state share of $450,000, with a local contribution between 25-40% based on the Commission on Local Governments Fiscal Stress Index. Eligible sub-applicants include local governments, as defined as political subdivisions in the Emergency Services and Disaster Laws §44-146.16 “any city or county in the commonwealth and, for the purposes of this chapter, the Town of Chincoteague, West Point, and any town of more than 5,000 population that chooses to have an emergency management program separate from that of the county in which such town is located.”

“I’d like to thank Senator Lucas, and the General Assembly for advocating for and approving funding to support one of the state’s largest capability gaps, local shelter generator infrastructure,” said Curtis Brown, State Coordinator for Emergency Management. “This grant program was created and implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the focus on equity and vulnerable populations was the highest determining factor of project application scoring.”

All project applications were funded this cycle. Grant allocation letters will be sent out next week. The jurisdictions receiving funding through this grant program include:

Locality: Botetourt County

Project Name: Botetourt County Mobile Shelter Generator

Local Match: $30,600

State Match: $59,400

Total Grant Award: $90,000

Locality: Charles City County

Project Name: Social Center Shelter Generator

Local Match: $40,000

State Match: $85,000

Total Grant Award: $125,000

Locality: Charlotte County

Project Name: Emergency Generators for Drakes Brand Red House

Local Match: $10,504

State Match: $24,509

Total Grant Award: $35,013

Locality: Colonial Heights

Project Name: Colonial Heights Shelter Generator

Local Match: $63,800

State Match: $156,200

Total Grant Award: $220,000

Locality: Danville

Project Name: Bonner Middle School Backup Power

Local Match: $37,800

State Match: $102,200

Total Grant Award: $140,000

Locality: Goochland County

Project Name: Central High School

Local Match: $138,040

State Match: $207,061

Total Grant Award: $345,101

Locality: Highland County

Project Name: Public Schools Building Generator

Local Match: $51,756

State Match: $96,118

Total Grant Award: $147,874

Locality: Mecklenburg County

Project Name: Clarksville Shelter Generator

Local Match: $12,561

State Match: $29,309

Total Grant Award: $41,870

Locality: Northampton County

Project Name: Machipongo Middle School Emergency Generator

Local Match: $155,000

State Match: $345,000

Total Grant Award: $500,000

Locality: Norton

Project Name: Community Center Emergency Generator Project

Local Match: $13,365

State Match: $36,135

Total Grant Award: $49,500

Locality: Orange County

Project Name: Back-Up Power for Orange County Emergency Shelter

Local Match: $110,550

State Match: $200,397

Total Grant Award: $335,000

Locality: Portsmouth

Project Name: I.C. Norcum Generator Project

Local Match: $708,000

State Match: $450,000

Total Grant Award: $1,158,000

Locality: Prince George County

Project Name: Central Wellness Center Shelter Upgrade

Local Match: $35,520

State Match: $75,480

Total Grant Award: $111,000

Locality: Pulaski County

Project Name: Youth Center Shelter Upgrade Project

Local Match: $60,000

State Match: $140,000

Total Grant Award: $200,000

Locality: Rappahannock County

Project Name: Purchase and install generator at local shelter

Local Match: $88,538

State Match: $157,402

Total Grant Award: $245,940

Locality: Virginia Beach

Project Name: Virginia Beach Housing Resource Center

Local Match: $92,466

State Match: $196,490

Total Grant Award: $288,956

Locality: Wise County

Project Name: Shelter Generator Project

Local Match: $59,700

State Match: $139,300

Total Grant Award: $199,000

For additional information on mitigation grant funding opportunities, contact Debbie Messmer, VDEM State Hazard Mitigation Officer, at [email protected].



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