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About that wall-to-wall TV news coverage of the biker gang shooting

tv-clipartBurn down a CVS in a black neighborhood, and the weight of the 24-hour TV news media will weigh down upon your town. A hundred seventy bikers shoot up an entire Texas town: nothing.

Has nothing to do with race, that the bikers are white, as is the Texas town.


Credit to the 24-hour news channels: we are up to date on the various press conferences from Waco. That’s the extent of the coverage, but hey, what more can you ask for.

Haven’t heard anybody refer to the thugs who shot up the town as thugs. Heard that a lot in Baltimore.

Another thing you haven’t seen: the people of Waco protesting their fate.

Actually, can’t blame them for that. As much as folks in black neighborhoods don’t like dealing with police, you definitely don’t mess with biker gangs who have Sunday brunch at a breastaurant and shoot it to the Stone Age.

Funny, though, how the po-po in Waco dealt with the bikers shooting everything that moved. Didn’t see any tanks, any armor, any pepper spray. Looked pretty calm, the response.

Biker gangs who shoot nine and wound 18 get the kid-glove treatment. Black protestors who disobey a curfew get Tiananmen Squared.

Ah, America.

– Column by Chris Graham



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