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5 things to keep in mind while buying furniture online


Do you do the shopping in the house all the time? Do you even enjoy shopping and falling in line in the cashier? Shopping is one of the most exciting tasks especially if you love treating yourself once in a while. However, it can be a tedious task too if you don’t know how and where to start. In fact, online shopping is now the latest trend when it comes to finding the most convenient way to shop.

Regardless of your location, there are various ways to make payments and receive the products you want to order online. Depending on the payment option that suits you best, you can pay using credit/debit cards, online wallets, Cryptocurrencies, or bank transfer. You can even pay via COD or Cash on Delivery if you want to receive the package before making payments. This way, you can only make the payment once you receive your orders especially if it’s your furniture.

So, here are some things to keep in mind before shopping for furniture online:

Prepare the Measurements

Measuring might be the kind of job you have but it’s actually important. This way, you can make sure that the size of the furniture you will buy fits in your chosen room. After all, the last thing you want to get is furniture that’s too small or too big for your house. Take note that products size may differ so comparing its product dimension with your measurement is vital.

Look for the Same Product on Physical Stores or Actual Photos

Most of the time, online shoppers look for cheaper furniture that they already saw in brick and mortar stores. This way, you can already see and inspect the furniture personally to set your expectations. If you can’t find the same furniture in other physical stores, perhaps you know someone who ones it. All you have to do is get a first-hand statement about the product or check it personally it if possible.

Some also look for furniture in magazines and the internet where the products’ actual photos were published. This way, you can see how it would look like when you furnish your house even without going out.

Do a Background Check

Read everything you can get about the store to know if it’s reliable enough to do business with. The more information they share in their ‘About Page’ the better. Check the history of the store and the types of customer service they provide for their customers. In this case, look for the store’s contact number, address, and email. You can also rely on Live Chat support if they have it for more inquiries.

However, some sellers offer their products on known online stores like Amazon so the information may be limited. Regardless, there is still a dedicated page for them to publish something about their brand and store. You can also check their BBB ratings.

Read Customer Reviews

If you’re still not convinced by the store’s shared information, look for genuine customer reviews. Online stores should always have a dedicated space where customers can post their honest reviews about their store and products. There are also sites where customers can publish their reviews about the store and give them ranks. The more stars and good reviews they have the better. However, you should also take time to read the bad reviews so you can weigh the pros and cons better. You may also read editorial reviews written by experts who have used the products. Spruce, Overstock and Top Reviews Advisor are some of the good resources for household items.

Look for the Warranty and Return Policy

Since most online stores don’t have physical stores, it’s harder to return products if they’re damaged or wrong delivery. Thus, don’t forget to check their warranty and return policy. Regardless of the size of their business, the return policy should be crystal clear and flexible. Most online stores allow customers to return products within 30 days after receiving them.

Some even offer free return shipping or an option to return the products on their physical stores. If they don’t have any, start finding another online shop to ensure your satisfaction.


Whatever furniture you want to buy online, always make time to do your homework. Never rely on a single star or review that you see online. The more details you can get the better decision you can come up with. Most importantly, choose your payment method wisely to protect yourself from identity theft.



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