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New trends in the online gambling industry and their place in casinos

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Gambling online is not new anymore. When casinos moved online, the gambling industry changed. It seemed that it is difficult to invent something else, but then, mobile and live casinos were introduced. Gamblers got new opportunities, gambling became super convenient and entertaining. It seemed that perfection was achieved.

But new technologies are introduced to people every day. And online casinos, motivated by the wish to get more clients, are willing to try each new development in the tech world. Some casinos are chasing new VR (Virtual Reality) developments, while others prefer to concentrate on AR, or Augmented Reality.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Application Fields in the Online Gambling Industry

Virtual reality is more connected with slots. You put on a visor and it transfers you in a reality of the game, the Virtual reality. Many casinos are chasing the newest developments in RV technology to provide their users with the best experiences.

We would consider it as s mistake though. People are getting tired of being online constantly. They are looking for more realistic impressions and experiences. That’s why live casinos are growing in popularity rapidly. And here is where augmented reality finds the bet application.

Just imagine how live roulette or Baccarat game in Gclub Baccarat will look. A game in real-time mode, with a blend of machine data, provides an unforgettable experience. Moreover, AR has some advantages in comparison with VR:

  • The application of augmented reality doesn’t need some super elaborate tools, while virtual reality needs more elaborate software and hardware.
  • Virtual reality is all about invented experiences, experiences that a gambler receives in a virtual world of his/her favorite slot. Augmented reality does not lead you away from the real world. AR makes highlights, augments some things in the real world. Hence, any AR experience is perceived as a realistic one.
  • Finally, AR technologies implementation is much cheaper, even though the effect is practically the same.

Cryptocurrencies: Do They Have a Place in the Gambling Industry?

Cryptocurrency is one more thing that might have a huge impact on the online gambling industry in the nearest future. Nowadays, an increasing number of casinos accept bitcoin and Ethereum for deposits. This is just a small step to a total cryptocurrency acceptance, but the process has started already.

  • First of all, using cryptocurrency is very convenient for gamblers. Just imagine that you:
  • Don’t need to worry about exchange rates and conversion fees whenever you are making a transaction;
  • Can make payments that are absolutely transparent. It means, you can make any kind of transactions, but nobody is able to modify your transaction data, because it is recorded on the public ledger, the blockchain.

Finally, the blockchain makes possible the application of one more very smart invention: smart contracts. If a casino works based on a smart contract, you might not worry about your transactions, requests and so on. But make sure you read and understand all the information, each paragraph of the Terms and Conditions of your casino. If you like everything there and your casino works based on smart contracts, you can gamble there without hesitations. As soon as a particular requirement is met, an action is performed automatically, based on a smart contract.

As you might see, online casinos are willing to accept and implement all developments if these developments help to improve the gambling experience. We believe that AR, VR, cryptocurrency, the blockchain with all the related developments are just a start. Online experiences for gamblers are not similar to reality, they are better than reality.

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