What you need to know about white collar crime

white collar crimeOver the years it seems like white collar crime has been on the rise. More and more individuals are turning to these dirty tactics to fatten their wallets. While the government has implanted strict rules and laws against these crimes, people are still committing these types of crimes. With that being said, you should know that white-collar crime not only affects a single individual or company, but it can also affect society in general. It is true that white-collar criminals get much less press and notoriety than violent offenders, but their crimes can be just as damaging. This is why it is imperative that you know everything you possibly can about white-collar crime and that is what you are going to learn below.

Why Most White Collar Criminal Get Away With Their Crimes

There are several reasons that white-collar crime has become so popular, and what most of the time the criminals don’t even get caught. To start off, most of the time well-respected working people commit these crimes, so no one really suspects them. In addition to this, no one really gets physically hurt, so people tend to not even pay attention to these types of crimes. When you combine all of this with the fact that white-collar crime can be hard to spot, you truly have a recipe for disaster.

Who Is Usually Involved In White Collar Crime?

If you speak with any white collar crime attorney, they will tell you that it is the people in special positions that are usually involved in these crimes. For instance, the individuals that manage the money figures, the ones that put the deals together, or the ones who file the taxes are usually involved in these types of schemes. Most of the time these schemes are extremely hard to spot, because these specially trained individuals use their unique skills and abilities to hide right in plain sight.

Tips For Preventing White Collar Crime In Your Business

If you are a business owner, it can be hard to imagine that your employees would lie, cheat, and steal from you, but the truth of the matter is that it happens more than you would imagine. If your workers are committing crimes or other wrongdoings, it is going to have a huge negative impact on your business. If they get caught, you will probably be held liable, even if you are not involved in the scheme. With that being said, this is why it is imperative that you know what to look for and how to protect yourself.

Monitor Your Money – Of course, you have to trust the individuals that you hired, but you really probably don’t have the time to spend your day constantly monitoring and watching them to make sure they aren’t cheating you. This is why it never hurts to bring in an outside forensic accountant to make sure that all your money is being put in the right places.

Report Fraud – Always make sure that all your employees know how damaging fraud is, and what they can do to report it. Anyone that reports to you, rather than reporting to the law is doing you a huge favor, as it will save you a lot of embarrassment.


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