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Most popular payment methods in 2020

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As everything moves to the virtual space, there are a lot of changes in everyday things. One of these introductions includes online operations with the currency on the Internet. A lot of companies have an Internet direction as a part of their development. E-commerce opens much wider opportunities for them and their clients. To order products through the net you’re required special methods to transfer the money.

There are a lot of examples of how to pay on different sites. But using the most popular of them is rather a good idea because of its advantages. The majority of people won’t choose something that is uncomfortable or useless.

1. E-wallets. Third-party services provide many users with reliable and convenient payment methods. Such type of dealing with online transactions can increase the safety level. It’s because while dealing with a certain website and purchasing goods you need to give to it your card info like number and CVV. But e-wallets don’t give these to a web page. Generally, the number of the card will be given only once to a service. Moreover, you can find a special feature called “customer protection” that avoids paying for the stuff that hasn’t been delivered or has been damaged. It gives a safer environment than other payment methods.

On the other hand, there is an account block when the company of the service can freeze your account. Suspicious actions can be different but doing nothing extraordinary won’t give you a ban. Not all of them are available on every website. Notice that some services take a lot of time to process the payment.

An undisputable example is PayPal. It provides safe transactions on the majority of websites. Also, it is a favorite choice of PayPal bingo players.

2. Credit cards. It is the most common choice for everyone. It is used not only for online services but also in real ordinary life. For example, there are a lot of marketplaces and shops that accept credit cards. Also, these cards are safe and give you the ability to get back the money spent by fraudsters. To use it to buy, you need to put the card in the terminal, type the PIN-number giving agreement to use the funds. In the situations that exclude showing the card (usually, operations through the Internet) seller can ask you for extra information like expiration date, CVV numbers on the backside.

The main disadvantage is that it can be stolen or lost by accident. Firstly and mainly, it means the loss of money. It’s lucky when there aren’t a lot of funds but usually, there are some savings. Moreover, as people use it every day, they can have monthly subscriptions or auto charges to pay, for instance, for bills. If you lost a card, you have to wait for a new one and remake the templates and renew all subscriptions.

3. Similar to credit cards there are debit cards. Generally, it is a payment card that deducts money directly from the user’s account. The main difference with the credit cards is an impossibility to get money on credit. Also, often there are daily limits that hold you from high wasting. Debit cards allow paying without entering PIN-number (if you want). The security is the same as credit cards so you can be patient.

The drawbacks include a problematic cash refund. As the operations are fast and even instant, you can’t get them back at the moment. It might take up to 10 days to get cashback.

As you can see, there are several variants to choose from. Every kind has its pros and cons so you should pay attention to them.  Of course, there are other small alternatives for a specific sphere but they are not for everyday use. If you don’t have any electronic wallet or a card for online transactions then you should think about getting one right now.