Mini roundabouts coming to Sunset Heights neighborhood

HarrisonburgThe next step in a series of measures for traffic calming in the Sunset Heights neighborhood begins installation Tuesday.

Harrisonburg Public Works will soon install two mini roundabouts to slow the traffic in the Sunset Heights neighborhood after conversations with neighbors about how best to improve safety in the community.

The effort seeks to reduce speeds on South Dogwood Drive, Maryland Avenue, South Willow Street and Chestnut Drive.

The first roundabout will be installed at the intersection of Maryland Avenue and South Dogwood Drive, and will remove the stop signs at this intersection for traffic traveling along South Dogwood.

The Traffic Calming Plan finds that a mini roundabout at this intersection “will reduce speeds by inducing yielding on the uncontrolled approaches, and in the case of the mini roundabout, greatly reduce conflict points, thereby increasing safety for all modes.”

This intersection will be closed from Tuesday, July 13, through Tuesday, July 20, as the roundabout is installed. The second mini roundabout will be installed at the intersection of South Willow Street, Chestnut Drive and West Grace Street.

With this change, “The intersection will operate more intuitively, and more safely serve the traffic volumes of the adjacent institutional land use (James Madison University, Memorial Hall) by reducing conflict points.”

This intersection is scheduled to be closed from Monday, July 19, through Friday, July 23.

“The traffic calming plan for a neighborhood the size of Sunset Heights takes time, and our department has been working with the residents of Sunset Heights for several years to evaluate the issues and best possible solutions for the needs of the area,” Harrisonburg Public Works Traffic Planning Manager Erin Yancey said.

Additional traffic calming practices for Sunset Heights are planned to be installed this year. More details on what has been done and what is planned for future traffic calming in Sunset Heights can be found at These intersections will be closed to all traffic for the duration of the installation.

Motorists should use alternate routes, outside of the Sunset Heights neighborhood.

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