McDonnell backs local delegate on balanced-budget amendment

A resolution proposed by Rockbridge Republican Del. Ben Cline that calls on Congress to pass an amendment to the United States Constitution requiring it to adopt a balanced budget has the support of Gov. Bob McDonnell.

“Over the last two years, the federal government has added approximately $3.37 trillion to the national debt, making the total national debt an unsustainable $14 trillion. It is critical that Washington gets its fiscal house in order and reduces spending to ensure the future prosperity and security of our great nation,” McDonnell said in a statement on the resolution, which also calls for a constitutional convention for adoption of a balanced-budget amendment.

McDonnell has been under fire of late from Democrats and the Tea Party for his $4 billion transportation-improvements plan that relies heavily on the assumption of public debt for financing. Cline voted against the McDonnell plan in the House earlier this week, though it passed with largely Republican support by a 65-33 vote.

“Families must make tough decisions every day to balance their checkbooks, and states like Virginia have balanced budgets every year — the federal government should be no different,” Cline said. “The resolution I am introducing today requesting a constitutional convention on a balanced budget amendment is a step in the right direction toward reining in federal government spending and tackling the federal debt. A balanced budget amendment in the U.S. Constitution will set us on a path toward fiscal responsibility in Washington.”

Story by Chris Graham. Chris can be reached at

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