McDonnell approves controversial abortion regs

Gov. Bob McDonnell has approved a set of new regulations that single out first-trimester abortion providers.

Critics say the new targeted regulations of abortion providers (or “TRAP”) make Virginia the most restrictive state in the country on women’s health centers providing abortion.

The regulations were drafted by the Virginia Department of Health and advanced in a September vote by the Virginia Board of Health. The new regulations could drive legitimate healthcare providers out of practice, leaving Virginia women without access to basic reproductive health services.

Tarina Keene, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia, issued the following statement on the move by McDonnell:

“Today, Gov. McDonnell again showed his extreme agenda on women’s reproductive health. At a time when Virginians are concerned about jobs, education and transportation, politicians like Governor McDonnell continue to pursue a single-minded policy of interfering in women’s health and personal decisions. By signing these new overreaching regulations into effect, Gov. McDonnell ignored the over40,000 individuals in Virginia and across the country who asked him to reject this political sneak attack on women’s health. Instead, the governor chose to place yet another obstacle in the way of Virginia women accessing safe, legal abortion care as well as the full range of reproductive healthcare that women’s health centers provide, including family planning and vital cancer screenings.

“Abortion is quickly becoming legal in name only in the Commonwealth. If women do not have access to safe, affordable abortion care, this legal and common medical procedure is essentially banned for them. Women will now face yet another government-imposed barrier to their ability to make the reproductive decisions that are best for themselves and their families.

“This puts Virginians’ health in extreme jeopardy and significantly reduces their rights compared to other women across the country. This is shameful politics, bad health care policy and an embarrassment for our state.”

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