Managing stress at work so you remain optimistic throughout the day

stress at workAccording to several studies, stress at work is one of the biggest reasons for resignation. It does not matter how much people earn if they work for a company, they will leave in a heartbeat if it is too stressful for them. Unfortunately, any work can be stressful. You will always encounter someone or something that will make you feel stressed out. The key is how you manage whatever comes your way. Here are some tips that might serve you well.

Don’t just react

When we hear something negative at work or when we face a problem, we tend to just react, overthink and feel bad about it. This is not the right thing to do. When you face a problem, do something to solve it. If you face someone who causes you stress, talk to this person. Absorbing everything and dwelling on it will not help you. If anything, it will make you feel even more stressed.

Find your happy place

You need to have a place where you can be alone at work. When things are too much to bear, you can just go to this place and breathe. You need a break every now and then. You can’t just keep pushing ahead or else you will eventually breakdown. You should also do other activities after work that can help you stay positive. Do yoga or Pilates. Do anything that keeps you relaxed whenever possible.

Eliminate potential interruptions

When you work, it is easy to get interrupted. It could be a phone call from someone whom you don’t want to call you. It could also be a notification from an app that you need not read right away. Remove them if possible. Keep your phone off if you are not using it. Tell your officemates to only speak with you for emergency purposes so you can finish work. There are times when these interruptions are negative. It could be bad news. You don’t want them to disrupt your work. You can deal with them when you are done.

Identify what causes stress

There are times when you already know what causes stress. You can list them all down so that the next time you face them, you know what to do. You can immediately move forward to other more positive things instead of dwelling on the causes of stress. There are also instances when stress is self-imposed. You feel that way because you allow yourself to do so.

Be creative in solving potential sources of stress. You can find amazing news stories to inspire you, like Anthony Levandowski’s deal with Uber, and how he got protection against possible lawsuits. Dwell on the positive things that make you happy. Don’t focus too much on what pulls you down. Always remember that whatever stress work brings, it will always go away.


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