Main business development trends in 2018

businessToday, modern marketing is following the path of digitalization. Internet technologies will set the fashion in 2018 and will have a significant impact on the company’s strategy when entering the market. So, what are the new trends for the market of Internet marketing in 2018?

  1. The companies will introduce chatbots with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a new business opportunity. With the introduction of artificial intelligence chat rooms that will be trained in the process of work, companies will be able to collect information about their target audience, as well as increase its loyalty. In 2018, more and more companies will use virtual assistants based on artificial intelligence.a

  1. Marketing will become more personalized

In 2018, companies will apply a deep personalization of marketing in relation to the market of one client. Although the concept of ABM (Account-based marketing) is not new and has existed for more than 15 years, and is generally used by default in the West, marketers have recently chosen it more often. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: automation of marketing activities and the possibility to use ABM at every stage of the sales funnel. Such a strategic campaign in marketing allows you to be closer to the client and respond quickly to their needs and requests.

  1. Companies will increasingly resort to quantitative research

Next year quantitative marketing will be in a trend, as companies are aware of the need for quantitative measurement of consumer behavior indicators. Large companies are likely to resort to the services of specialized agencies.

  1. Marketers will develop the content of augmented reality

In 2018, marketing specialists will work hard to generate content for virtual reality. This new tool of communication with the client can significantly increase sales of the company and even bring the business to a new level. In this aspect, it is now necessary to bet on interactive graphics, high-quality video content, and applications. Moreover, Apple has already introduced iPhones with augmented reality to customers, Microsoft – Hololens glasses, while the Pokemon Go game ruled the world in 2017.

  1. There will be a new promotion channel – self-driving cars

At first glance, this idea may seem somewhat strange. But what will the drivers do during the trip? They can be interested in advertising or entertainment content. The Uber company has ordered more than 24,000 self-driving cars from Volvo to be delivered until 2021. Waymo, part of Alphabet, announced the creation of a fleet of 500 self-driving Crysler cars. Tesla has already produced more than 140,000 cars. Based on these data, it is possible to calculate the approximate coverage of target audience.

  1. Brands will begin to optimize content for voice search

In 2017, information was searched through the voice search by more than 20% of users around the world. By 2020, this number can reach 50%.

  1. Protection of personal data comes to a new level

In 2017 there was a large amount of leakage of users’ personal data. Hackers attached users mail services. There was stolen the data of 143 million customers of Equifax, the credit history bureau. Buyers will give preference to goods that will protect their privacy.

  1. Instagram is a leader

It has been already written about the prospects for the development of the Instagram social network in 2018. Experts in the Internet marketing market still predict that Instagram will overtake Facebook and become the main channel of communication with the client.

  1. The event marketing and live communications with customers will be in trend

Approximately two-thirds of marketers agree that live meetings created to unite clients give great effectiveness. Live events with customers and partners allow you to establish existing relationships with customers, make them more stable.

  1. E-mail will no longer be relevant in b2b

Even today, the average frequency of customers response to e-mail messages is quite small. Marketers will look for new channels of communication. For example, messengers or various applications like Twilio.

  1. LinkedIn will continue to grow in the world

Although Twitter is rapidly losing its positions, LinkedIn, on the contrary, demonstrates growth and continues to improve its platform. In 2017, the social network updated the user interface with the new advertising opportunities.  B2b marketers will use more often this channel for communication with customers.

  1. Machine learning changes the way advertising is managed

Why pay thousands of dollars to large agencies to manage advertising, if you can use special platforms for machine learning? New platforms Acquisio and Trapica promise to optimize and automate the cost of advertising using modern algorithms of machine learning. Marketers simply need to set the basic parameters of the campaign, and the platform will identify the ideal target audience and offer options for creative advertising messages.

  1. Consumers expect more

Buyers will become more educated, demanding and fastidious. Marketers will need to look for new approaches to them. Modern customers are representatives of the generation Y, innovators who do not imagine their life without mobile gadgets and digital technologies. They quickly part with old goods that have lost their uniqueness, and quickly switch to new ones.

  1. Bet on natural content or native advertising

Due to the fact that users were allowed to block advertising in 2017, resources with a huge audience lose up to 50% of profits. Therefore, marketers will have to focus users’ attention on natural advertising, which is perceived as habitual content. Original and memorable videos have gained popularity in recent years. They help to bring the company’s recognition and loyalty to a new level. To create such a video, it is not necessarily to have the skills of professional video editing. It’s enough to have a good free program. Freemake Video Converter will help you create cool videos. With the help of this tool, you can edit your videos and easily embed them to your website with a ready-to-paste HTLM5 code. Learn how you can edit video here (exact steps) and learn more info about Freemake Video Converter on the product page.

Given these trends in planning advertising campaigns in 2018, you can improve the effectiveness of marketing and get good performance in business.

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