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Lost for words? Try these different subjects of conversation for the office

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Conversations can be hard to start within an office, especially if you always feel a little alienated or you are a new starter at the office, and you are still finding your feet in the social scene.

However, once you find that you have something in common with at least one other member of your office, the conversation will then flow as other colleagues will very quickly join in with the topic.

Local charity events

Bringing attention to any charity events that are being held in your local community is not only a good subject to bring up in conversation, but it is also a highly beneficial cause. You may find that you can actually benefit the charity by getting them more donations for their worthwhile cause.

If you have not got a charity event happening within your local community and there are not any in your neighboring communities, then perhaps you should look into starting one yourself. There are plenty of charities that would be very happy to find that they have a new fundraiser in their midst. There are websites that you can go to in order to print off standard sponsor forms, which you can then adapt for the charity event that you are holding.

Online gaming experiences

Whether you are an online gamer or not, the chances are that you have at least heard of some games that are played. Some of them have even been made into blockbuster movies. But, of course, there are the other types of games that are traditional card games which are also played online and against other components. These are other people and not AI-generated.

These are games such as poker. If you feel that you need a bit of a heads up on online poker before getting into a conversation with a colleague about it, there are sites that offer online poker reviews so that you can really feel that you know what you are talking about, even if you have not played before.

New movie releases

If you are a movie buff, then this will be very easy for you, and you may find that this is already a favorite topic of conversation within your place of work. However, if you are not a natural movie buff, this could be a very easy way of getting some conversation going, especially if you find out that your favorite movies are your colleague’s favorites too. Or you may find that you are recommended other movies that perhaps you have not heard of or seen, and you may find that you get recommended a real gem of a movie to watch.

If you know very little about the movie world, you may find that an evening’s Googling could be worth the effort. Generally, if you have a movie buff in your office, albeit a quiet movie buff, they will very quickly give you pointers and guide you into what any movie is about, the actors and actresses, their lives and what other movies they have been a part of.

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