Kaine, Warner on CBO score on Senate Republican healthcare repeal

tim kaineU.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee, released a statement on the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate of the Senate Republican health care bill:  

“Under the Affordable Care Act, more than 20 million people gained health insurance. Under the Senate Republican health care bill, 22 million Americans will lose their health insurance, and Virginia’s families, seniors, children, and people with disabilities will face higher costs for less care, all to deliver a tax break to the wealthy. I will oppose any bill that breaks President Trump’s promises to the American people that no one will lose insurance and no one will pay more, and today’s CBO score proves the Republican health care bill shatters those promises. This is now the third CBO score on a Republican health care bill that has clearly stated millions of individuals and families would lose coverage under this proposal. It’s time my colleagues drop their rush to vote on this ‘mean’ bill that’s been rejected by the public so we can work together on improvements to the health care system that benefit all Americans.”


mark warnerU.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA), a member of the Senate Budget and Finance Committees, issued this statement following today’s analysis of the Senate Republican health care repeal bill by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office:

“Here’s what we know about the Senate proposal to repeal the Affordable Care Act: Twenty-two million more Americans will be uninsured. Medicaid will be cut $772 billion. And consumers will have less comprehensive coverage than they do now, with higher out-of-pocket costs.

“Senate Republicans should sit down with us to have a grown-up discussion about fixing what’s wrong with the ACA instead of rushing a vote on a bad plan.”

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