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Kaine releases radio ad targeting women voters

Former Virginia First Lady Anne Holton is the star of a new radio ad on behalf of the U.S. Senate campaign of her husband, Democratic Party nominee Tim Kaine.

In the 60-second spot, “Family Issues,” Holton describes how Kaine’s faith and family have helped guide him as an elected official. “As governor, he made tough decisions to balance the budget. He brought both parties together to cut spending by $5 billion – and cut his own pay.”

The ad closes with Holton reminding voters of Kaine’s commitment to ensuring women receive equal pay for equal work and keeping government out of women’s health care decisions, saying “These aren’t women’s issues, they’re family issues.”

The campaign of Republican candidate George Allen in a boilerplate statement to the news media cast the ad as an attempt to “divert attention from Kaine’s record of supporting failed Washington policies.”

“Virginia women have seen firsthand the devastating effects of the failed Obama-Kaine economic policies. The national poverty rate for women is the highest in 17 years, an additional 860,000 women are unemployed and many more have given up looking for work. George Allen is committed to bringing to Washington the voices of all Virginians struggling to make ends meet under the failed economic policies Tim Kaine championed in Washington,” the Allen campaign said in a statement.

Kaine, in a statement on the ad, focused on the positive.

“As a senator, I’ll invest in priorities like education that help provide our children with a strong foundation for success, I’ll break down barriers that prevent women from securing equal pay for equal work, and I’ll focus on bringing our leaders together to tackle our fiscal and economic challenges rather than rehashing settled battles on women’s health and rights,” Kaine said.

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