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Is your job good enough? 5 features of a great workplace

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If you go out today to conduct a poll asking people what constitutes a “good enough job,” you’d have most people talking about “pay, pay, and pay.” Many believe that once a job pays you what is perceived to be a decent salary, then it can be considered good enough. Not that we have a thing against such beliefs, but have you ever questioned whether there is more to a great job than just the salaries you receive in paychecks? As a matter of fact, that you’re lucky enough to get a decent pay doesn’t necessarily mean that your job is good enough, and right within this post, I’m going to prove that to you by outlining the five brilliant features of a good workplace. So sit tight, enjoy the post, and be ready to question whether or not your current position is good enough once you’re done reading.

Clear vision and focus

Apart from the clearly defined amount you receive in salary, are you being carried along with the vision and mission of the organization? Any employee – regardless of their position – deserves to know about the vision and orientation of their workplace. I know many might say that it is none of their business finding out what the organization’s goal is. But without a clear vision, orientation, and mission statement, it would be almost impossible working towards a clear and collective goal. A great workplace has a clear vision, statement of roles, goals for a business year, and clearly stated target. If your organization hasn’t been doing this, trust me, you want to ask your boss what the target or gal is for the year. As an employee, this will help you raise your game, shape your career, and create a sense of belonging between you and the organization.

Essential perks

Beyond the salaries and allowances included in your monthly package, did you know that you’re also entitled to some other exciting benefits too? It is true that many 9 to 5 organizations, these days, use their staff without even giving thoughts to their well-being. But this doesn’t have to continue anymore. With the daily demands of the duties being discharged by employees at work, nowadays, many workers develop several medical conditions as a result of the kinds of work they do. From severe internal conditions to fatigue, back injuries to eye defects, people suffer from different on-the-job conditions. Unfortunately, not many companies pay attention to this. They just pay you your salary and hop it is enough to cover for any defects, conditions, or ailments developed while at work. If your job is also like this, then I’m afraid it isn’t good enough. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for you in the form of settlement and compensation claims. For example, many workers in Virginia today have started pursuing the workers comp back injury settlement in a bid to get compensation for back injuries developed while at work.


In order to maximize productivity, reach goals, and advance careers, teamwork and collaboration are absolutely essential. A great workplace is expected to promote teamwork and collective efforts and discourage individual efforts. Team members collaborate and celebrate their achievements, knowing that the work of the team outweighs individual needs. Teamwork creates a happy work environment and imbibes in staff a sense of belonging.

Sense of fairness

The best workplace is an environment where every employee is being treated equally and fairly. To that end, the rules are enforced in the same manner, from rank-and-file members to top management, without the appearance of favoritism or provision of special privileges. Although this may not seem like a big deal at first, it will become one when the time for appraisals, gifting, and promotions come. If you sense a feeling of inequality and unfairness in your workplace, now may be the time to talk to your boss and address it before it gets pretty serious.

Opportunities to advance your career

Although you probably have your degree, skill-set, and wealth of knowledge before joining your current organization, wouldn’t it be nice to garner more skills, acquire more certifications, and advance your career? This is what some organizations provide their employees with. They send them abroad to learn more skills and meet professionals; send them to seminars, events, and conferences; partly or fully sponsor their quest for career advancements; expose them to several on-the-work ideas, and do so much more to better the CV of their employees.

Uday Tank has been working with writing challenged clients for several years. His educational background in family science and journalism has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. He especially enjoys writing content after researching and analyzing different resources whether they are books, articles or online stuff.

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