How to view a rental property in Essex

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The viewing for a rental property is just as important as the viewing to purchase; you want to be comfortable and happy in your new home and you need to make sure the property does not come with any hidden problems. The rental market in Essex is competitive and it can be tempting to take a property as soon as it comes on the market, without asking too much. But this is a mistake. It always helps to get the best picture of your potential future home with a thorough property viewing.

Here’s how you can make the most of a rental viewing to ensure you find the perfect place for your needs.

Don’t Do It Alone

Even if it will be just you in the property, take someone else along to the viewing for a second opinion. Two people are better than one to spot any potential issues and to help decide if there is any hesitation. You can also take pictures of the property on your phone. Looking at these later helps identify anything you missed on your viewing and allows you to make up your mind if you can’t decide.

Look at the Whole Building

When looking for flats to rent in Essex, consider the building’s overall condition including the gutters, drains, external space and other features. Poor condition of these aspects could indicate a more extensive maintenance problem. Spend as much time as possible looking at the property. Try and check out the building and the area at night and during the daytime.

Consider Extra Costs

You’ll know the amount you’ll pay in rent, but do you know how much you’ll pay in additional costs? For example, is the property energy efficient or will you spend a lot on heating bills? How much is the council tax? Are all the fittings and fixings working or do they need to be fixed before you move in? Make sure the locks are secure and adequate so your insurance premiums don’t rise.

Imagine Living in the Property

Try to picture yourself and your furniture in the property. Would you fit? Do you have enough storage space? How much light do you get in the property and does that make you feel happier and more comfortable? What about the garden – do you need more outside space or are you happy with a paved area? Consider your neighbours if your property is attached to theirs or if you are renting a flat. Do you feel you would get on well living next to them?

Be Ready to Act

While you need to take your time viewing the property, you also need to act quickly when you decide you like the place. Tell the agent how interested you are. The Essex rental market can move fast so it is a good idea to have all your paperwork organised and ready to present as soon as you make up your mind about a house. Be available for all the admin involved in securing your ideal home so you can move in as quickly as possible.

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