How to use synthetic urine for drug test

how to use synthetic urinePeople are opting for fake and synthetic urine for their drug test. They consume prohibited items in their job places, and later when the company carries out a drug test, they are caught. This results in the loss of their jobs. But nowadays, the drug testers can identify synthetic urine, which in turn results in high penalties to the job professionals using them. will provide several solutions to passing the drug test or more specifically urine test without being thrown out of the job or without being legally penalized.

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is also referred to as fake pee, fake urine, or synthetic pee. It is a solution that mimics or resembles the look, properties, and composition of human urine. Synthetic urine is officially used by various companies for testing their products, like in diaper companies.

People are using them to clear an unsupervised urine test in order to hide the prohibited things they are practicing. The solution of synthetic urine is a perfect combination of all necessary contents of a healthy person’s urine, which helps in passing the test easily.

Solution to supervised drug test

If there is a supervisor present to check on you while you are peeing so that you do not replace your pee with the fake pee, a solution is designed for it too. There is a belt resembling a penis which contains fake pee. You need to wear this belt on your waist. This will imitate the process of actual peeing.

Brands that provide synthetic urine

There are several brands in the market that provide the best synthetic urine solutions. Some of the famous ones are Xstream synthetic urine, Testclear’s Powdered Urine Kit, Agent X synthetic urine, Xstream synthetic urine, Magnum Synthetic urine, Quick Fix synthetic urine, and more.

States banning synthetic urine

Many states have prohibited the selling of synthetic urine. This is for the safety of the public. Driving while consuming addictive substances might lead to hazardous consequences like accidents. The safety of the public is at stake, which should not be the case. It is also an offense to cheat during a drug test.

Strict laws pertaining to this is formulated by the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some places banning synthetic urine include Missouri, Mississippi, Indiana, New Hampshire, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and more.

Detox products for the drug test

If you do not want to use synthetic urine, you can do a full body detox. Detox completely cleanses your body, removing all the impurities and related substances from your body. You can do detox by consuming pills or drinks. gives a review of the drinks or pills to be consumed for detoxifying your body. Some of the effective drinks are Magnum, Absolute detox, Stinger detox, Ultra Eliminex, and more. These work differently for different type of bodies, including heavy and lighter body mass people.

These solutions are for temporary use only. It will help you for a couple of hours only. So consume accordingly. For permanent detoxifying, you will have to use detox pills. Pills detoxification takes up to 3-7 days. Our body also naturally detoxifies with the help of some edible food items. But it is a long term process.

Detox Pros and Cons

Detox drinks and pills flush out toxins from our body. Removing toxins from our body helps in weight loss, improving energy, relief from constipation, the solution to headache, muscle aches, and fatigue.

Detox drinks and pills may sometimes disrupt your blood glucose levels and metabolic rates. Frequent bowel movements and gastrointestinal distress are some of the other cons of detoxification. Detox substances are also low in terms of proteins.

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