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Hair Seminars Can Expand Your Hair Business

I love business and entrepreneurship!  These two topics will have me talking all the time.  The one thing that makes me prideful is when I see businesses invest in themselves to grow their visibility and revenue.  It’s true that most companies will not see a profit in the first two years of being open, but this also means they should invest wisely to generate adequate revenue.

One great way to generate revenue is to host a hair seminar.  Whether you are a small business owner just getting started or a well-known hair vendor seeking to expand your offerings, this is an excellent option.  Hair seminars can offer attendees updated information and training to reflect what is going on in the industry currently.  I’m ecstatic to share with you reasons you should add hair seminars to your revenue strategy.

Three benefits of a hair seminar

  1. Hosting a hair seminar will increase brand visibility for your company.  I promise you this will be a game changer for your business especially if you execute it well. More people we’ll find out about your hair company and what you offer as well as the people behind the brand.   Hostess seminars can quickly take you from being unknown to the word on the street!
  2.  Hosting a hair seminar will provide you with an additional Revenue stream.  A lot of companies struggle to generate enough revenue to keep their company going and as well as actually to see a profit.  Sometimes businesses can overthink the process, but the opportunity for growth in this type of service is unlimited.
  3.  Hosting a hair seminar can bring economic growth to your community.  You may have never thought about this but when you educate others, and they use the information they can start their own business.  This, in turn, gives them more money to spend shopping locally.


Grow visibility of your hair brand

You will need to promote your brand everywhere during the promotion and the live event.

  • Go ahead and order your specialize banners and other marketing materials. Step and repeat banners are the perfect backdrops for photos.  Most companies have a great turn around on orders, but you don’t want to be stuck and stressing out.

  • Make sure your decor compliments your brand colors.

  • Order social cutouts to have attendees take photos with and share on social media.  Always share with your audience the hashtags they are to use during the event.

Planning your hair seminar

I am going to help you create the best hair seminar ever!  Let’s get started and make sure you grab your pen and paper to take notes!

  1. Decide on the theme or signature name for your seminar
    Research the internet and see what your competition is using for their events or hair seminars.  It’s best to keep it in line with your brand.
  1. Create graphics to promote your hair seminar.  This will be a lot easier once you complete step one.  If you have no design skills, don’t worry! Go over to Fiverr or post on social media that you are seeking someone to create some promotional graphics for you.  You can also check for talent in your local community.
  2. Connect with other professionals in the community to start cross-promoting the hair seminar.  The ideal situation would be you linking up with a local beauty supply store, wholesale vendor like Private Label Extensions, a local DJ, and a couple of hairstylists.  Once you complete your graphics, you can share them with the people you have connected with so they can promote the hair seminar as well.
  3. Utilize social media to promote your event as well.  Host Facebook Lives to share information about your hair seminar.  You can use Facebook to invite people to your event as well. I suggest you invest in an ad to direct message people to promote your event.
  4. Reach out to your email list and give them V.I.P. invitations to the seminar.
  5. Create an event on Eventbrite to allow everyone to register quickly.  You can set up discounts and individual event links to share. Also, shorten the link on to make it easier to share via social media and email.
  6. Create a digital product for attendees to download once they register for the event.  This can be a great product to offer for purchase for those who cannot attend the hair seminar but make sure it’s a higher price.
  7. I suggest you charge a fee for your hair seminar. Remember, people, respect what they pay for.  When planning to host a free seminar, it is best to follow-up with those who register to remind them about the event.  Remember, people, respect what they pay for.
  8. Don’t forget about media placement!  Schedule to promote your event on your local news show as well as the radio station.
  9. If you want to host a hair seminar that is just information based, have your workshop at a restaurant that will provide seating for your attendees and you.  They may have a separate room or a designated area for the event. Your other option is to host it a venue but make sure you set a budget before you make any decisions.
  10. Seek volunteers to help with promotion and planning for the event.  Don’t do like most people and try to do it all yourself. Leaders know how to delegate, and this is the time to put your leadership hat on.
  11. Once you settle on a venue, invite vendors to set up and sell items which will complement your event.  Doing so will add more interest to the seminar, help gain visibility for the vendors, and you make money.

Explain why you are hosting a hair seminar

For a lot of businesses, they believe demand only will drive people to purchase from them.  What they fail to realize is how saturated the market is. Because of this, it’s essential that you share your story.  What does this mean?  It means sharing the reason why you got into the hair industry, what it means to you and your family, explain who your ideal client is and how you help your clients by making them better.

It’s going to be your story that is going to help you stand out in an oversaturated market.

Suggestions for teaching topics

There are so many areas of the hair industry to tap into.  A lot of changes and innovations often happen so there are countless areas you can cover.  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Marketing your online hair company
  2. Creating brand extensions products for your salon
  3. Going back to hair school for continuing education
  4. New styling techniques
  5. New products and how to use them
  6. Expert guest speakers who add value to an attendee’s current business
  7.  Hair basics reviews such as cutting, consultations, and hair/scalp care
  8.  Coloring techniques

I hope this gives you the basics to get you started on planning your hair seminar.  It’s not as difficult as it may seem, but the success is in the details.  From the Powerpoint presentation to the information attendees leave with, it’s up to you to make it memorable and worth their time.  You have great ideas!  Now it’s time to execute on them!

Article by Mikey Moran


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