How to get a certified translation when you need it

businessSometimes when the choices are unlimited, it becomes even more difficult to opt for the right option. In the world of translation, professional accuracy is the real key, however, when you need a translation of your documents for a specific agency, you might end up worrying over one question alone, “How To Get A Certified Translation?” and the truth is, with every other company claiming to offer certified translation online, the uncertainty remains. For instance, a certified translation is required for immigration and you just can’t lose your case over one petty mistake, in this case, going to the wrong company or individual.

But in this article, we are going to end this worry, once and for all.

What Exactly Is A Certified Translation?

First things first, what is a certified translation? The simple answer is, a translation that is certified is a translated document accompanied by a certificate of accuracy signed by the translator or the translation agency certifying that the translation is accurate as according to the knowledge of the translator. This certification along with the translated document is called a certified translation, nothing else is required.


You may not admit but the myths associated with the certified translation have been putting you in doubt. One such myth is that only a certified translator can provide certified translations, which is not true. No such rule exists. Companies that offer certified translations do not in any way mean to claim that all their translators are certified.

Another strange myth associated with certified translation is that when the translator is done with the translation, he has to go to a specific office or company for certification. It is assumed that a certain authority is somehow required to certify a translated document. All this is just another false assumption. There is no such institution required to do that for you.

The next thing that people often mix up is the difference between notarization and certification. A notarized translation is the one that has been affirmed by a government official at the notary public office. A translator has to take the translated document, has to give his word and written proof that he has done the translation to the best of his skill and knowledge, and then the notary public notarize the document. Certification is just a certificate of accuracy, signed and provided by either a translator or a translation company for accuracy.

The Next Big Question

After getting into the light of definitely knowing what a certified translation is, the bigger question is still there. How to get a certified translation?

In this aspect, we have a lot to thank to technology. The internet is literally filled with websites that offer certified translations. You can contact them anytime by clicking on their website address. Some of the websites even offer you live chat options, live quotes, instant quotes and other guidance that you may require.

Now certified translations are usually charged with higher prices. The certification of accuracy isn’t available for free of course. However, this increased price isn’t always justifiable. If the company is actually offering the quality its claiming to be, then you most certainly should opt for them.

Rankings, Rankings, Everywhere!

So you can get a certified translation from any company that is offering certified translation but you have to be careful. For the very first thing, check out the ratings, this is how they work these days. If they have an over 4 stars rating on Google, they are really good to go.

If It’s Reviews, It Must Be Viewed!

Check out for reviews, testimonials and client feedbacks, they speak the real truth about the company. If they have constantly updating testimonials, it’s a guarantee they are serving right.

The Social Media Effect

Look out for their social media presence. No one is out of social networks and if they are there, they are meant to be the good people.

Globalization Is The Ultimate Game Changer

Going global is going higher, right it is. If the translation company you are choosing for your certified translations is addressing a global audience, it’s teh right choice for your document.

Money Matters, Prices Matters More!

Hope that all these tips were helpful for you. But here comes the most important one, your hard earned money is in no way unworthy of saving where it could be saved. So if a company is offering competitive rates in the market, you’d be a fool if you choose not to go with it. Reasonable prices should not only be your choice, it’s what you deserve.


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