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How to copy and paste without plagiarizing

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If you are reading this, you are probably seeking a solution. The one to quite a challenging task: how to copy and paste without plagiarizing and still keep a bit of your authenticity. Today, with lots of information and its hasty flow, it can be really difficult to keep on track and produce original thoughts. Especially, when you have to do it 24/7. Therefore, it’s OK to copy and paste sometimes.

However, with the appearance of all those plagiarism checkers like:

  • Turnitin
  • Grammarly
  • Quetext
  • Edubirdie and dozens of others

it’s hardly possible to get off with a whole skin.

So in this article, I would like to present to you some useful tips

How to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin and other programs

1. Paraphrase

Teachers want to see something original in your essays; they also need to know that you’ve dedicated some time and effort to this work. So what to do if all the brilliant thoughts have been already said and your deadline is in 4 hours?

Paraphrase! Take someone`s thoughts from the internet, pull the main idea out and simply use another writing style. Create a story, where the main character explains those thoughts, use some references, use another tense, explain that you’ve done research and concluded… something.

2. Synonymize

There are 171,476 words in the Oxford Dictionary, and they are all free to use!

So why cannot we synonymize some words in copied info to use this as a sot of Turnitin hack? By the way, most of the custom writing services, for example, newyorkessays, may use this technique to do their job 100/100 points. Therefore, it is quite a successful way to hack essay plagiarism checker in this way. You can use your own skills and change for example:

  • `paper` instead of `essay`
  • `replicate` instead of `cheat`
  • `decision` instead of `choice`
  • `confront` instead of `fight`
  • `analyst` instead of `checker`
  • `motive` instead of `reason`, etc.

Be smart and no one will incriminate you in plagiarism! What is more, use reading as a hobby to extend your vocabulary and synonymize faster.

3. Check other languages out

The thing is, all those plagerism tools work by comparing submitted text and those in a database and identifying identical or near-identical passages. SO if you really need to copy and paste a major amount of information and afraid of being caught by the checker, you can try to substitute the English-alphabet letters to the different ones, for example ‒‒ Cyrillic. To make it successfully, you should take the following actions:

  • open Google and look for “Cyrillic e. letter”
  • then hit Apple + F in the document, which should bring out the “Find” menu
  • you will go towards the “find and replace” menu, where you will instruct it to find “e” and replace it with the Cyrillic version of “e.”
  • Ii you use Windows, you can simply press Ctrl + H and do the same.

In this way, Turnitin will not recognize any of the copied words, because they include letters from different alphabets.

4. Use safe Apps for writing essay instead of you

If you decide to burden your task of writing to some professional essay-writing websites be always careful. I recommend you not to refer to unknown pages without references or with sneaky ones. What is more ‒‒ never order the free one when you are close to the cut-off date: you can receive your paper full of plagiarism so you will have to order a new one or pay extra, or as an option ‒‒  write on your own. Remember, if you buy cheaply, you pay dearly.

5. Don’t forget about quotations

Most of the plagiarism tools check only the construction of sentences. However, no one forbids you to quote. First — you do not assign the idea, second – you change the structure, so Turnitin will not recognize your copy and paste material.

6. Convert to PDF and alter the character map

Imagine drawing every letter by hand in pain and pasting the images in Microsoft Word. Everything will look the same to you, but the program won’t be able to recognize it as a legitimate text. When you alter the character map, you change the sequence of the characters that were used in the text. Visually, the entire assignment stays the same, but there is no link between the visual form of the text and how it looks like.

7. Use the correct references

It seems pretty obvious, but sometimes we forget or even neglect the last part of our essays ‒‒ references. However, keep in mind that it is less likely that a plagiarism checking program will blame you for plagiarism when you mark the source. Still, copying and pasting throughout the entire paper might affect your paper negatively in this regard.

Well, I hope this article will help you to fight plagiarism checker and win that fight eventually. To conclude, my recommendation is to produce your own thoughts and learn from other minds. Personal ideas always cost more and feel more precious.

Good luck!