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How to choose mobile game development company in the USA

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Smartphones have already become powerful enough to compete for the attention of gamers. As a result, mobile games now account for more than 51 percent of global gaming industry revenues, already followed by console and PC games. As you can see, mobile game development has become a lucrative service area.

However, not every game becomes a masterpiece. To succeed, you need to find a good mobile game development company. Moreover, it is necessary for this team to meet a number of criteria crucial for fruitful cooperation. In this article, experts from the international company RexSoft share the secrets of success that allow them to take a prominent place in the mobile development market.

1. Look for a company with experience in mobile game development

Like any other business, mobile game development has both hopeful amateurs and professionals in their field. We recommend betting on the latter if you want to get a truly quality product in time with minimal expenses. For instance, our specialists have over 9 years of experience in software development 5 of which are in mobile game development. Since the moment we started working in mobile gaming, we’ve managed to build a clear development process and our experts know exactly how to do everything right and in time.

2. Contract in compliance with U.S. law

When signing any contract with a client, you need to remember that even with all the external rules, it is you as two parties who determine the rules of the future game. You should always approach this question responsibly as you really have to adhere to these rules later. To minimize disputes, it’s better to be on the same page and contract according to the law convenient to both parties. That’s why one of RexSoft’s offices is located in the U.S., which gives the opportunity to sign a contract in compliance with U.S. law. Thus both parties will be protected, and the terms of cooperation will be fully regulated.

3. Use cutting-edge technology

While developing a mobile game you need to use the most recent technologies. Your mobile game can have a revolutionary idea, a great art style, but if technically the game looks and feels outdated, most likely the player will give preference to another product. You need to find a company with a current technology stack. For example, RexSoft specialists use Unity, C#, and Spine 2d to develop top-notch mobile games.

4. Choose a full-cycle development company

Developing a mobile game is a complex and comprehensive process. It includes discussing possible technical solutions, creating graphical assets, coding, testing, and more. Of course, you can outsource these tasks to different teams, but then the risk that something will go terribly wrong is multiplied. This is why we recommend looking for companies that provide full-cycle development services. This way, you can make sure that all parts of the project will meet high-quality standards.


Of course, there are many more important factors, and above there are just some of the secrets of RexSoft’s expertise. Nevertheless, more than 9 years of experience in developing successful projects show that these hints work. You can search for developers according to these criteria or save your time and contact RexSoft Unity game development company immediately to create your mobile hit. Our experts have knowledge and experience in developing cross-platform mobile games. We initiate this process with a clear understanding of the requisites and specifications, then we plunge into the flexible development cycle and strive to release the mobile game in time. We work on all components and game types. See for yourself by checking out our pages on the Google Play Store and App Store.



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